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Rest In Peace - Jeff Hanneman

Earlier today, it was confirmed that the we lost another guitar God. The almighty Jeff Hanneman of Slayer passed away around 11am this afternoon. It’s never an easy thing to type this sort of blog, as Hanneman’s guitar riffs have inspired millions worldwide. Today, the music world mourns this loss. Obviously, Slayer is one of the mainstays on the Metal Shop playlist, and because of this, we will pay tribute to Hanneman’s legacy by playing some of his most memorable contributions to the metal world.

Former Metal Shop host Kevin Jacober had this to say about Hanneman’s passing...

“RIP Jeff Hanneman. You wrote some of the best riffs and songs of all time, and inspired me as a musician greatly. You be missed by all.

I took this photo on December 11th, 2004, when Slayer came to the Showbox Sodo in Seattle with Killswitch Engage and Mastodon. I was allowed to get between the stage and the crowd to take pictures and noticed a small piece of black duct tape on the bottom corner of Kerry King's guitar that had ‘RIP Dime’ hand-written on it. This show was 3 days after Dimebag died. A rather sad coincidence to discover upon viewing this folder of photos for the first time in years. RIP Jeff. RIP Dime. Sad memories today.” - Kevin Jacober

Sad memories indeed. But memories nonetheless. Join us in celebrating a true legend of metal this weekend as we pay our respects with a very special tribute episode of Metal Shop.
Rest in Power brother. Forever in the abyss. 

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05/02/2013 6:58PM
Rest In Peace - Jeff Hanneman
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05/03/2013 7:30AM
Losing a hero
First off, I am 46 yrs old, I was a teen when i saw them play the Mountaineers Ballroom w/Possessed. That show they became my fave band, that was 29? yrs ago. Ive attended (fair guess) 30 times, including the Big 4 show in Indio CA. Bands usually fade, stray from the original focus, find wealth, religion, maybe substance abuse effects the 'body' of the band. NOT SLAYER!!! If ya dug the stuff they did in the 80's, ya liked the recent material as well. Somehow each release DELIVERED W/AUTHORITY! Amazing music, controversial at tymes, but effective and brutal! After pledging my loyalty to the allmighty Slayer for decades now, I am at a loss for words. Shock, if you will. I so hope that the band hangs it up right now, there is no replacing the great talent we lost. I feel quite fortunate to have found SLAYER at such a youthful age. I've not hung out with them in years, but I have fond memory's of Jeff, and his lil kids gigggle he had, memories are eternal and I will cherish those forever!!
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