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Rising West (Queensryche) with new awesome singer

You've seen the internet reports from the Queensryche camp and the separation/fight of the band from original singer Geoff Tate but I'm not here to give ya the scoop nor do I care cause what I saw this weekend ROCKED! What we have now is Geoff Tate doing his solo stuff and the rest of the Queensryche band forming Rising West with new singer Todd La Torre of Crimson Glory. With the band cancellation of tonights show in Salt Lake City (opening for the Scorpions) it seems Queensryche's days with Geoff Tate are over. After you hear Todd sing the Ryche tunes (click here), especially the old ones you won't care too much either.

With the two debut shows this past Friday/Saturday at the Hard Rock Cafe I was blown away! I haven't been to a Queensryche show with that much energy and passion from the crowd in years! Reason one obviously was Todd's voice, which has the power and style Tate had back in the early days but with his own style, and second was the song selections that we haven't heard in years live! Rising West played Queensryche songs from the 1983 EP through 1990's "Empire" including an Iron Maiden encore of "Wrathchild" which sent the crowd rabid! Check out the videos below and photos on and KISW Facebook! Also friend them on Facebook!

For even complete photos from soundcheck to live check out my Facebook page! Iron Mike


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06/11/2012 6:29PM
Rising West (Queensryche) New Singer WOW
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06/13/2012 3:21PM
Rising West June 9
I was at the June 9 show, and this was the most incredible performance I've seen from these guys since May of 1995!! The fire has returned to these musicians and they have become hungry once again to prove themselves to a new generation. I'm very excited to see what Rising West will do next!
06/13/2012 3:51PM
Keep the Queensryche name.
Queensryche should have let Geoff go a few years ago. They endured the departure of Degarmo and now they have a fresh start without Tate. They are Queensyche. Keep the name.
06/13/2012 5:29PM
Just a great show.....nothing more to say
06/13/2012 5:31PM
Queensryche kareoke
Let's face it, Geoff Tate is "Queensryche." Rising West is nothing more than a Queensryche cover band. Queensryche is over. Move on and write new material without a Geoff Tate sound alike.
06/13/2012 5:53PM
It looks like Todd la torre has found a new home. what the hell is Crimson Glory going to do without Todd. He is responsible for the resurrection of Crimson Glory and now those guys are going to be just another has been prog band.I saw three Crimson Glory shows in Europe and Todd La Torre is some showman ,as a matter of fact he was the guy that carried Crimson Glory with amazing stage presence and unlimited vocal range and rumor has it that he is also an outstanding song writer .i liked him better than when I saw Midnight sing back in the eighties. Todd will stay with Rising West because of the money that he will be making and I doubt that he would make a dime if he continues with Crimson Glory.TODD IF YOU READ THIS PLEASE STAY WITH RISING WEST.THIS IS YOUR NEW HOME.CRIMSON GLORY IS GOING NOWHERE AND RISING WEST WILL MAKE YOU THE SUPER STAR THAT YOU ARE
06/13/2012 6:29PM
What a douche
Rising West is 4/5 or Queensryche. They are going to record new music this summer. That is not a "cover" band. The 1/5 that is missing hates metal now, would rather drink wine and play sax. Tate's voice is gone. He belongs in a cabaret act. Oh, wait... This is a revitalized band now. Can't wait for more.
06/13/2012 7:09PM
One word...
Am-a-zing!!! They are back and ready to reclaim their throne. I wish those nay-sayers could've been at one of the shows this weekend because then they would understand - Queensryche (the real Queensryche, the Queensryche we first became fans of) istruly back. Later Tater.
06/13/2012 7:10PM
One word...
Am-a-zing!!! They are back and ready to reclaim their throne. I wish those nay-sayers could've been at one of the shows this weekend because then they would understand - Queensryche (the real Queensryche, the Queensryche we first became fans of) istruly back. Later Tater.
06/13/2012 8:15PM
Fresh Start!
Awesome! Getting back to the roots..I say go for it. Let the wheels roll and don't look back! When everyone is having fun (band included) that's what it's all about. Music..not drama! Great to see what's next! Rock on!
06/13/2012 8:16PM
Welcome Todd
Todd you will be a great success with Rising West Let that loud mouth dog wife of Jon be the new singer for crimson glory We want you Todd
06/13/2012 9:09PM
Singing in the shower
I just turned 50 last April and I know my voice can't compare to when I was in my 30 singing in the shower, so too has Jeff voice and music style... that's just the way it goes (sad). I miss the intensity of Empire and the earlier albums of Queensryche and I'm looking forward to hearing Todd on their newer albums in the future. - Ed Herold, Kirkland WA.
06/13/2012 11:32PM
Legal Fights
Who "legally" has control of all the old music? I can't believe Tate walked away from everything.
06/14/2012 4:25AM
Crimson Glory without Todd Is finished
Crimson Glory without Todd Latorre is done. Ever since Jon Drenning forced Midnight to quit the band they have never sounded good. For that matter they have never been able to write another album without Midnight. Now Todd is forced out of Crimson Glory because he has a real chance to be a star with Rising West.New singer for Crimson Glory is Foulmouth Danny Drenning queen of her own dogpile. And Todd is a paid success with Rising West
06/14/2012 8:51AM
I have to admit that Queensryche has been capable of so much more for such a very long time...Unfortunately, losing my opionion will only water down the lyrical phrasing and freshness of the band...despite Queensryche's lack of fan following. I'll have to wait and see though if Rising West can prove me wrong. I will support both bands until they rise to the occasion or start sucking even more!
06/14/2012 12:23PM
NOT a cover band
Anyone calling Rising West a "cover band" is a complete ignoramus. Wilton, Rockenfield and Jackson are ALL founding members of Queensryche and Lundgren is a current member of the band. This is 4/5 of Queensryche and is no more a "cover band" than Priest was with Ripper on the mic, or without KK on guitar...both of those incarnations are still Priest. How many other musicians have played in KISS with Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons...and nobody ever called that a cover band, simply because they played the songs that were originally performed by Ace and Peter. Get real.
06/14/2012 4:38PM
OK tribute band
I don't think Tate walked away from everything--I believe he owns the name (not positive) but he seems to be controlling the QR website--the other members are supposably locked out from the site and its facebook page. Journey is still Journey but not really, Motley was still Motley, Ratt is still Ratt, Skid Row is still Skid Row and so on but still not the each his/her own but i'd prefer the QR name be reserved to what was and stick with Rising West.
06/14/2012 4:42PM
gone but not forgotten.....
06/15/2012 7:00PM
Unbelievable: Wow
All I can say is unreal.Todd is incredible.He nails all of the high notes that Geoff used to hit.This man has an amazing voice.I look forward to hearing the new music these guys put forth.
06/15/2012 7:24PM
When did it all go bad?
This is sad. A lot of old bands are getting back together after years. Breaking up now wont leave a lot of time for reconciliation. I wonder at what point everything went south? QR has been making music together for years and its been really good. Of course many dont like the last one cause it was outside the template but I liked it enough. At least the music will carry on with this new incarnation.
06/16/2012 10:48AM
You gotta do what you gotta do
Like some of you I grew up with these guys and hate to see this, but it happens. The guys in this band wrote these songs together, and have every right to perform them with or without Geoff. If he chooses not to do them and the rest of the guys have the passion, so be it. No reason for bashing anyone, this stuff happens. The guys have the right to do this stuff and Geoff has the right not to like it. I would hope that he can accept that and let them do what they need to do without petty actions, but pain makes you do things you later reflect on and usually regret. Todd sounds awesome and obviously they are excited to be doing this. I would have been OK if they could work out using the name, but I think it is every bit as appropriate that they do not call themselves Queensryche , especially with any new material. I hope in time they work out any animosity and realize the great music they have all made together is more important than changes in personal direction. I would have loved to see these shows if I still lived in the NW, and look forward to doing so if they come my way. I wish Rising West and Geoff the best in what the future brings. Rock on guys and see you soon I hope! Tony Donald
06/16/2012 5:52PM
Cooler heads
I am hoping that both camps keep the details to themselves and dont tarnish the way most of us feel about this band and the music. I was in my first band writing music when Queen of the Ryche came out and they have all been Local Music hero,s since. I am bummed that people in this and probably all other forum,s are slamming Geoff Tate as some level of washed up or that the remaining members are some how not important any more now that Tate is gone. This is why i cant listen to Guns and Roses any more. I wish both sides all the success their talents can bring them and that they are all as professional as their careers have made them all seem. In my eyes the music is as original and unique as Geoffs voice. I have crossed paths with each member at some point over the last 25 years and they all come off as level headed cool guysm I wish them all luck, Still a fan of all Tim Johnston, Seattle......
06/17/2012 5:45PM
Queensrych are back
jesus christ atlast they are back, I use to be a massive fan but it all kinda faded away but listening to the band and those amazing Vocals well what can i say "WHEN'S THE NEW ALBUM OUT THE UK IS WAITING"
06/18/2012 1:57PM
The Future is not with Crimson Glory for Todd
Let me start out by saying that Todd will do just fine with RW He needs to clean up his stuff with Crimson Glory cause they are nothing but living in the past and will never write another album. Don't ask me who will be the new singer for Crimson Glory but who really cares cause they never made it past first grade. Run from the Crimson Losers ,Todd you will never get another chance like ain't no spring chicken .fk Crimson and rise RW
06/25/2012 10:19AM
Always the best no matter what!
Iv'e seen Queensryche loads of time's and have always been a huge fan... from Walking in The Shadow's to Take Hold Of The Flame, from Empire to Jet City Woman... and the rest, The band will ALWAYS carry on as a great band and Geoff willcarry on doing what he love's doing... singing so i think Queensryche will rock n roll forever maybe better with the new singer :) but i will miss Geoff Tate as one of the best singer's EVER!!!
06/29/2012 11:28PM
All I have to say is WOW.
Guys, I have not looked forward to a new Ryche record in more than a decade. Now I am EAGERLY awaiting these guys' debut with Todd! He is an INCREDIBLE singer and the guys are finally happy again, you can see it in their presence on stage! Thank God they finally fired Tate. I love this band very much.
06/29/2012 11:38PM
I hope they keep the name Queensryche
Why not? I don't understand why people have issues with that. Band members leave everywhere all the time, you don't see the remaining members renaming bands just because one person is gone, what makes this any different? Kamelot is still Kamelot without Roy Khan. Black Sabbath was still Black Sabbath when they switched from Ozzy to Dio. Iron Maiden was still Iron Maiden when Bruce took off. Genesis was still Genesis without Phil Collins. Pink Floyd was still Pink Floyd without Roger Waters. Judas Priest was still Judas priest when Rob left in the 90's. Journey never renamed themselves after Perry left. ...many more examples. So again - what makes this so different?
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