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Rough Sea's 3/8/13

    This morning I got up and went sailing with a buddy who just moved to a house on Lake Union and bought a sail boat. It was a glorious morning full of bright sunshine and hopes. As we sat in the middle of the calm lake (not much wind) talking life and how happy we were to be out enjoying life when tragedy stuck. It was about time to head in since I had to be at work and boom the motor dies. We figure maybe just let the engine chill out for a minute since I thought maybe we were flooding it with too much gas. After a few tense moments we just said well what can we do. Lucky for us the current was taking us towards a dock and we had one oar so my buddy got to rowing. I did what I always do when I sail and that's steering the ship, I am a great driver since usually someone just tells me when to turn. Now at this point I was starting to sweat a little bit since I did not want to miss work, my buddy was sweating because he was the one rowing. We together got the boat over to the dock right by Joey's and I hopped off and my buddy had the tough task to sail that boat back to his house. No worries though everyone as my buddy finally made it home this afternoon and I got to work in time and we had a fun show. So now I am going to enjoy this beer and have a good night. Thought you guys would enjoy this crazy tale of the high sea's, of just how I got stuck out in Lake Union.

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03/08/2013 6:33PM
Rough Sea's 3/8/13
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