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Rutgers 4/5/13

    A big story that I have been watching a lot on is the basketball coach at Rutgers. For those of you who have not seen it the coach was caught on film punching, kicking and shoving players around the court. He was also filmed screaming homophobic slurs at the players like the work Fa**ot. My biggest issue with this whole mess is that the President of the university seems to be taking no responsibility for any of it. The coach got fired and the athletic director got fired but I watched the President just talk BS and try to pass the buck. I get that college basketball is about making money now but just say that. It's a joke that the guy is talking about leadership while making excuses. I also firmly believe there is no place for violence in coaching. At that point to me you should admit that you are out of ideas and can't motivate your team. even yelling at places has it's place and for some coaches it works but the fact this all went on and was filmed and he kept his job is a joke. The President of Rutgers needs to be gone as well. He is the boss and watches over everything so to say he did not know is just a lie or he did not do his job. As big as college basketball players are they are still in college and the university is the ones that are supposed to watch out for them and instead they are just passing the buck. Shame

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04/05/2013 4:41PM
Rutgers 4/5/13
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