Ryan Castle


Next up on the main-stage....


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Weiland Does Christmas

Scott's Christmas Album "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" is out tomorrow..  Here's a taste.

Weiland - The Christman Song

Weiland - White Christmas
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Halloween Costume Idea

Still trying to figure out your Halloween costume this year?  Perhaps Gus from the last episode of Breaking Bad.

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Just for fun

Here are a bunch of pictures of people getting hit with stuff at baseball games.  Happy Friday.[gallery]
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Hairclub's vacation pic

Ooo look!  Airplanes!

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Can you sing like Beyonce?

Neither can this chick..

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Metal Horses

You'll never be this metal. You'll also probably never be put out to stud.

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Oh Deer

Buck Slams Into Mountain Biker - Watch more Funny Videos
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Whole Lotta Axl

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Darth Vader is a D

I like his style.

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Black Tide

I'll be at Best Buy in Northgate tonight starting at 6 with these guys. They kick ass. You should come check them out.

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Demonic Denise

Happy Friday.

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Old Ladies Shotgun Beers

No matter what happens, you'll never be this cool. Unless of course you're a woman and shotgun beers when you're 80. Otherwise - No chance.

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What would you do for free lunch?

How about potential suicide?

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Cliff Burton

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the passing of one of the greatest, Cliff Burton from Metallica. Here he is shredding. Enjoy

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The Morning After

Don't you hate it when this happens?

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Lu Lu

We've been talking about it for the last few months and now it's here. Maybe the most unlikely combo since peanut butter and bacon. Lou Reed and Metallica. Click on the pic below to check out the song "The View."

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Is this a scene from Toddlers in Tiaras or is it Ted Smith drunk in drag?

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Virgin Club Weekend Activities

What are you doing this weekend? Larping again? Unintentionally abstaining from sexual activity? Here's a thought. Why not get your roll playing buddies together and vogue instead. VIRGIN CLUB! VOGUE!

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Frankie Does Peaches

You're going to hell for laughing at this.

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Cow v. Goat

A cow and a goat make an internet funny...

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New Foos Video

Warning. Man Ass.

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The Bloody Eyeball

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Pep Talk

This always makes me feel good. Like a personal pep-talk from Carlin beyond the grave..

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This Guy

His moves and enthusiasm are infectious. 

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Line Up Addition

I'm adding this guy to the line-up at Pain in the Grass.

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Shocking Riot Video

I'm sure you've all seen the footage on the news this week of the riots that have rocked London.  The video below is the worst of the worst.  Consider yourself warned.  This video is not for the faint of heart.

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Maynard+Flaming Lips+Elton John.. What?

Stumbled upon this a while back on the Puscifer website and have been meaning to share it.   It's Puscifer with Steven Drozd covering Elton John's "Rocketman." Weird, right?  It's really great.  Be warned though: If you were hoping to throw up the horns and break some sh*t this isn't for you.  The song showed up on the soundtrack for the not-too-great music doc. "The Heart is a Drum Machine" back in 2009.

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It's the next big thing at the X-Games. SICK!

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Gorge Camping Survival Tips.

Safety tips for a fun-filled weekend of camping and music at The Gorge.

Avoid dudes named Lester. Nothing good ever happened to anyone when they were hanging out with a dude named Lester.

Don’t eat the green one. Ever.

Know your limit. No one needs to deal with you naked, covered in poop and having an imaginary conversation with Jesus at 4am. Hey Ken Keasey! Tone it down. I'm trying to sleep and/or get laid.

Nobody likes this guy. If this is you I'm stealing your wallet.

Have a ticket. There will be no "miracles." The only miracle is you made it though Woodstock, Wavy Gravy. I bought my ticket. You should too.

Fires at the Gorge Campground are just dumb. It’s a big grass field. If you and your boy Cletus want to fire up some old pallets, do it in the Yakima Canyon with the rest of the riff-raff.

Know your skin exposure limit. Is a tube top really your best choice? See below.

Leave your hippy drums at home. All drum circles will be destroyed. Participating tree huggers are to be drawn and quartered.

Hacky sack? Ever been choked out?

Water. Drink it, stupid.

Beer. Drink it too, stupid.

Whiskey. See above.

See you Saturday!
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Hey Matt. Thanks for the memories

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Thanks for Calling KISW..

I guess I did something to piss this guy off. I can't imagine what. Maybe it was something I said.

Complaint Dept
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This is how I felt this morning..

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Today's Favorites

Leonard loves cheesy sausage and Jason's bank has the wrong number. Here are a couple of my favorite callers from today's show.

Leonards Sausage

Jasons Bank
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World Cup Celebration

When I watched the game Sunday I thought this kid was out of his mind. I should have taken a second look on the DVR. Of course he's flashing. He's a Cougar. Someone should tell him it's usually the Cougar girls that take their shirts off at sporting events.

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Not at Dave's show.

We've all run into the "drink some beer and kick some ass" guy at a show.  Watch Dave Grohl throw that guy out. Buh-bye.

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The Worst Names Ever

Dick Fitzwell would be proud.

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What are you on?

I get that question a lot.  This should explain everything.

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The Top 5 Most Shocking Thing About This Video.

5) Is that a trailer in the background?

4) She's 24.. Doesn't look a day over 57.

3) Poison fan. Who would have thought?

2) She doesn't make a strange whistling sound when she speaks.

1) She's not in porn.... Yet.
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I Learned 2 Things Today

1) Passive aggressive can be really funny.

2) Somewhere on this Earth there's a McDonald's that delivers and I need to move there..

Ok, so that's 3.

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Body Language

Here's a little lesson in body language to start your weekend. Enjoy.
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Father's Day

Father's Day is right around the corner.   Still don't know what to get the guy that accidentally got your mom pregnant?  Try this out.  It's great for dad especially if he's a 7 year old girl that lives on hot dogs.
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Another reason to drink beer.

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Nap Time

Americans spend more time at work than anyone else on the planet.  To help combat the ill effects of being overworked, many workplaces, much like day cares, have implemented nap time.   If you're one of the lucky ones who get a little nappy nap at work you're going to love this.  It's called the ostrich.

Described as "a micro environment in which to take a power nap at ease" The Ostrich is the next step in the evolution of at work napping.

I love everything about it but the name.  I think they should have called it "Warm Elephant Testicles," but what do I know..

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So does this mean they're compost-able?
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Bush Jr. vs Baseball

Funny video from the Rangers game.

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Ready for the end of the world? Let the farting preacher show you the way to the light.
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Hello From The Past

This is brilliant use of the power of modern technology. Saying hi to your grandchild after your dead.

WARNING: Creepy giant baby head.

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Small Bathing Suit

Now that I have your attention, check out this beach ball.

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Osama Obama montage

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One show out west wasn't enough.  The Big 4, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax is hitting Yankee Stadium! 

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This real estate is on fire!

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In case you were wondering how the US Navy SEAL operation to kill Bin Laden went down..  Here it is in animation form according to sources in Taiwan.

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Rock Girl Gala

Here's some video of The New Originals doing War Pigs at the Gala this year. Thanks Seth!

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If they had food delivery I'd say sign me up....

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – An elderly Philadelphia woman was rushed to the hospital after she reportedly fell into her toilet and became trapped for several days.

The victim was taken from her home near 15th and Tioga Streets and transported to Temple University Hospital at about 11:30 a.m. Tuesday morning.

According to medics, crews removed the woman from her home and with a piece of the toilet still attached to her.

The woman is reportedly in stable condition at Temple Hospital. It is believed she was trapped for at least two days, possibly even three.

The circumstances surrounding the incident remain under investigation.
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It's not out until April 12.   Enjoy it here in the meantime.  You're welcome.

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Maybe the best song ever. No, not Friday. GANG FIGHT!

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Backyard Brawlers!

Wrestlemania is this weekend. Since I can't post actual wrestling, I thought I would warm you up for this weekend with the next best thing. Half-wits beating each other up behind mom's trailer. Enjoy!

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Corey Taylor Justin Bieber duet

Slipknot feat THE BIEBER!  

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APC Tour Dates

Click here for the shows

See you in Portland bitches.
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Gotta love the new angle the Smithsonian is taking I assume in an effort to get more young people interested in history. And yes, in case you were wondering... Your hero is probably a pu** compared to those who came before him.

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Happy Friday bitches. I have yet to make it all the way through this abortion. Perhaps you could tell me how it ends.

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There's free bike chains, sunglasses, American Spirits and PBR pints all over the city. They're jsut sitting there on the road. All you have to do is grab them. I suggest using your head.
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There are other things to put into your body besides tiger blood and cocaine.  Is Charlie Sheen crazy? Crazy like a fox. Dig it...

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This is an actual news story.

This is a real news story on AOL today.

Do lesbians look like Justin Beiber or does Justin Beiber look like a lesbian?  And what does your average lesbian think of Justin's new hair?  The world's questions answered here.
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Caption This! 2/28

1) Hall and Oats.  Where are they now?

2) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Salami.
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In Your Face!

Ever wonder how I keep so vibrant and young looking? Of course you do.  Well, now you can look as fresh as I do.

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New Foo Fighters

Good to see they still have a sense of humor.
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Valentine's Day Greeting

Need a last minute Valentine's Day card?  Send her/him the card my wife found on line and sent to me..   So thoughtful.
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Slash jumped on a plane right after his set in Tacoma Friday night headed for Dallas.  In case you missed it, here's some warm up footage from the best halftime EVER!

Thanks Mike.
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Caprtion This 2/7

1)You want me to do what to grandma?
2)Ted reconnects with his high school prom date.
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I like the way this chick thinks.  I wonder if she's still alive and into white boys....

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Caption This! 1/26

1) Spongeblob Roundpants

2) Go Steelers!

3) Go Packers!
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Too strange for fiction. The headline is "Burglary," but as best I can tell nothing was stolen. I wonder if it's on Youtube yet...

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Topshelf and Ryan make a movie

I hope you like our movie.
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Crazy Eyes

By now we've all see this photo of Jared Loughner.

I can't help but think of a post I did a back in December when I look at this photo.  Check it out.
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One Arm Only Please

A Texas Def Lep Tribute called Pyromania is in the hunt for a drummer.  1 of the requirements is you need to have an odd number of limbs.  Is it you?  Check out the story here.
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No idea what to do if you get stuck at home after tonight's snow?  Well, you could always get down and dorky like this guy in Atlanta....

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Caption This 1/7

Thanks to Daniel from Seattle for the great caption:

After 3 days at the Bunny Ranch, Thee Ted Smith shows everyone what the girls were laughing at.
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A Perfect End To The Holidays

"Hey Chad. Put on some skivvies and go out in the pasture. I wanna play William Tell with the new rifle Uncle Lester got me for Christmas."

"Can I wear my new sash?"

Idiocy ensues.

Guy Shoots Ornament Off Friend's Junk - Watch more Funny Videos
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Caption This 12/23

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Greatest Song Ever?

Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven has been #1 in the annual Top 999 something like 4 out of the last 6 years. Historically, newer songs don't do very well from year to year. The highest debut ever for a song on the Top 999 is like 500. I actually have the lists and could go back and find out the real number, but I'm lazy and I just don't care. The point is all of that could change this year. This may be the greatest song EVER.

OK. The song is stupid, but the video is AMAZING. This is why Al Gore invented the internet.
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Lock 'Em Up

Just a thought.  Maybe we should start locking people up that look nuts.  Seems like the crazy looking ones always do something well.... Crazy.

For example, here's the guy who shot up a Florida school board yesterday. Tell me he doesn't have "I'm gonna do suptin' stupid" written all over him.

Who was surprised when we found out this face ate people?

Here's a shocker. This guys is bat sh*t crazy.

Let's get proactive people. Who knows what these guys are capable of...
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Here's a little peek at my vacation last week. The video is from 2008... The 2010 one isn't posted yet. I went as the Gingerbread Man this year.

I made up every part of the previous statement except for the part that says "the video is from 2008." I actually spent my vacation at home having deep conversations with my dogs Barbarella and Roxy. They're wonderful listeners.
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Not The Worst?

I've always been proud to be a part of what I considered the worst cover band on Earth, The New Originals.  I don't know how long we're going to be able to hold that title though.  It's not that we're getting better.  Other bands are getting worse.  Check out exhibit A from my friend Skippy in Fresno.

God-Awful Band Butchers Pink Floyd - Watch more Funny Videos
Exhibit B:  AKA - The best at being the worst.

On a related note, how great is it that in this day and age over 2.2 million people can watch you suck?  Thanks for the Internet Al Gore.
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A Vary Slayer Christmas

Santa should stop at this house first.... If he knows what's good for him.

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Roger Waters

I am fully prepared to lie, cheat and/or steal to go to this show at the Tacoma Dome. Check out this video from Boston.
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As far back as I can remember like most young boys I dreamt of the day I could own a flying lawn mower. I assumed as the years passed, as I'm sure you did, that the day would never come. Well friends. Our day has arrived. Note the bitchen soundtrack too.

File this one under WTF

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Soundgarden on Conan

In case Conan is on after your bedtime..
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Watch this 11 year old crush YYZ all by their lonesome.

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Caption This 11/5/10


Thanks to Amanda from Bremerton for the great caption to this week's photo Wander over to my Facebook page to check out the other entries. Very funny stuff this week.
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Giants Journey

Giants fans have hometown hero Steve Perry of Journey singing their battle cry "Don't Stop Believing."

Seattle has no shortage of great musicians. Maybe Alice in Chains could do "Down in a Hole" for the Seahawks. Or perhaps the Mariners will adopt Soundgarden's "Fell on Black Days" for next season.

McCready is a M's fan. We gotta be able to come up with something.
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The Greatest Thing Ever

It's taken a couple of decades, but I think we've finally figured out the best use for this internet thing. Al Gore should be proud.

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Caption This! - #1

I posted this photo on Facebook today and asked friends for their best caption. Look for a new photo each week.

Amy - I'm tired of walking around with this monkey on my back.
Jennifer - If you're going to ride my ass, at least pull my hair.
Greg - Now squeal like a pig.
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Candy Corn

Lewis Black and I agree on a lot of things.  How common sense would surely wreck the American political system, how public works are the way out of a recession and if we had the money both of us would have a our own private ball washer who we would pay well and give benefits to...  Unfortunately we can't agree on everything.  Take candy corn for instance..

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Political Ads

If you're like me you'd rather be beaten by a nude, male dwarf with your own amputated limbs before watching another political ad.  I don't know if it's that they insult my intelligence, or if it's the idea that some people out there watch this dribble and think, "Yeah that's the candidate for me" that pisses me off more.   I might change my mind about the system we somehow still support and humanity itself if more political ads stopped EFing around and spelled it out in plain English like this ad from the Great White North.

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Finally figured out what I'm going to be this year for Halloween...

A Chilean miner.

Awesome.  I know.
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Why Men Love Halloween

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I Give Up

Steven Tyler is off the Christmas card list.  At least we'll always have "Permanent Vacation."

Tyler Idol
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Coming soon to a couch near you...

Two things that don't go together. Disposable income and spare time. That's why I assume most of you are like me and didn't get to dig on any of the Big Four shows in Europe. Well, you're in luck. Now you can take the whole show in plus backstage footage from the comfort of your couch. Sure, it's not the same as being there, but look at the bright side... The beer is a lot cheaper.

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Will the STP Seattle date happen??

Following the drunken rant below, STP "postponed" 12 dates. While the Seattle date hasn't been effected at this point one has to wonder if it will ever happen...

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Weiland vs. Gravity

Gravity 1 - Weiland 0 Final
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Empire 20th Anniversary Party

Tons of fun Tuesday night with Queensryche. Here's a little bit of the party.
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Sully and Shannon Go Off

Sully and Shannon on stage at Pain in the Grass Saturday night.
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Where you been?

I've gotten quite a few e-mails over the last few days wondering where I'm at.

John in Everett writes:
Dear DIC. Noticed you haven't been on the air the last few days. Wherever you are I hope you stay there.

Well John. You'll be happy to know I'll be back next week. I've been with my dance instructor working on some sick new moves that I plan to break out at Pain In The Grass next weekend. Check out his stuff. He's awesome.

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Throwing things at the stage

For some reason people will pay to see a band, then stand in the audience and throw things at the stage. I never understood it. I saw Saliva's drummer get his teeth knocked out once by water bottle full of sand. Not cool. You should never, ever throw things at the stage. Well.... Almost never.
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Get your Hootenanny on...

Last time Duff and Mike did this I missed the show. Why? Because I'm stupid. Don't be like me, stupid. Details on the show are right here.

Here's a little taste of what we missed last time.
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People have been searching for it for years. Now, it's finally here..

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Soundgarden in Chicago

Soundgarden has announced that they are playing an intimate show at the legendary Vic Theatre in Chicago on Thursday, August 5th…and here's your chance to get a couple of tickets.

Click here to sign up as a member of Soundgarden World. Members will be given the chance to purchase a pair of tickets to this once-in-a-lifetime show. If selected, you'll be sent an email with a link to purchase a pair of tickets. If you already have an account, login and update your profile.

Pretty rad, huh? Here's a little taste of what you missed at the Showbox show a couple of months ago. Don't miss out again!

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Friday Night

If you're under the age of 30, there's a good chance one of the members of Steel Panther is your father. Come see what daddy's up to Friday night at the Showbox. They're AWESOME!

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Alice in Portugal

A friend sent me this. Great, professionally shot video of Alice in Chains' recent show in Lisbon. The sound quality is really good too. The whole show is on Youtube in 10 minute chunks. Enjoy wasting the company's time with this today.

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Mayhem Festival

Everything you ever wanted to know about the show tomorrow and some crap you could probably care less about RIGHT HERE.

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Saturday's Tool show

If you were there I don't need to tell you how great it was. If you weren't I dug up some fan video from the show for you to check out. Turn off the lights, turn it up, spend 9 dollars on a 12 oz. beer and pretend you're there.

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I've seen Tool a handful of times now and they never disappoint. If you're planning on going tomorrow, do yourself a favor and stay off the stage. People forget sometimes what a bad-ass Maynard is. Remember this?

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Damn is it HOT!

Feeling hotter than Carnie Wilson's thong? Sweating like Richard Simmons in a hot dog factory? Maybe some of these videos will give you some great ideas on how to beat the heat.

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4th of July

4th of July weekend. Is it a time to bond with family, enjoy the outdoors and celebrate this great country? Or is it a dangerous 3 days of drunken stupidity ending ultimately in dismemberment and death? Well, if you do it right it can be both.

I know that most of you reading this are law abiding, tax paying, all around swell members of society that would never dream of messing around with illegal fireworks. For the few delinquents that have some how stumbled across this page, here are a few tips to make the most out of your 4th of July.

The Romans not only dominated the Mediterranean, had wicked orgies and bathed together. Turns out they also made pretty bitchen candles. Check out the video below for proper use of the infamous Roman Candle.

Our next subject crawled out of the shallow end of the gene pool a little too close to the local fireworks display.

American influence can be seen all over the world. Hell, even the middle east is getting in on the 4th of July festivities. And who knows better how to blow stuff up than our friends over there? Answer. No one.

Hopefully with these tips in mind you can have a happy, safe and fun 4th of July.
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Helping Out Where it Counts.

My Darkest Days, the latest band to join the line-up for Pain in the Grass 2010, are humanitarians. They recently helped out local single mothers in Las Vegas at the shoot for their new video. They also set a record for most single moms in one Las Vegas location at any given time. Zakk Wylde from BLS and Chad from Nickelback help out on this song. Check it out below.
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Early Earthquake Warning System finally in place.

Since the dawn of civilization humans have tried to predict when and where the next earthquake will hit.  From Greek Oracles to modern day scientists, generation after generation has failed.  Today as I type, emergency managers around the world are trying to find a way give some kind of early warning, even if it's just seconds before the earthquake hits.

Leave it to an Canadian high school student to finally figure it out.  And not just seconds of early warning, but months.  Consider yourself warned.

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Ozzy Radio Takeover Trip

Ice Cube said it best.  “Today was a good day.”

It’s always an exciting day when I get to fly out of town to “make radio” with my favorite bands and people.  It’s especially cool when it’s Ozzy Osbourne.  Not only is Ozzy a great guy and a real pleasure to hang out with, but the guys is a f***ing legend.

The highlight of the day came when we ran into Nikki Sixx at the studio.  As you know, Motley Crue is on Ozzfest this year and Ozzy and Nikki go way back.  I think Ozzy took Motley Crue out on tour in like ’83 or something.  Back when both camps were trying as hard as they could to push the limits of what the human body could endure.   How well do Ozzy and Nikki know each other?  By smell.

When we got ready to start recording we hadn’t seen Nikki yet.  A friend of mine from Ozzy’s label mentioned to me that Ozzy was “the best smelling man in rock and roll.” A strange comment for sure, unless you know Ozzy.  I guess everyone who knows the guy knows that he wears this 8 Zillion dollar a bottle stuff that you can only buy at one store somewhere in Europe blah blah blah.  So we get done with the interview, Ozzy is in the studio signing stuff for people and here comes Nikki down the hallway.  He looks at me and says, “Is f***in’ Ozzy here?  I can smell him.”

The show will be on June 17th at noon.  It’s the Thursday before Ozzy’s new album “Scream” hits stores so you’ll get a chance to check out a good chunk of the album before anyone

The show will be on June 17th at noon.  It’s the Thursday before Ozzy’s new album “Scream” hits stores so you’ll get a chance to check out a good chunk of the album before anyone else.

...And i didn't even have to use my AK.
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