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Next up on the main-stage....


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Weiland Does Christmas

Scott's Christmas Album "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" is out tomorrow..  Here's a taste.

Weiland - The Christman Song

Weiland - White Christmas
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Halloween Costume Idea

Still trying to figure out your Halloween costume this year?  Perhaps Gus from the last episode of Breaking Bad.

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Just for fun

Here are a bunch of pictures of people getting hit with stuff at baseball games.  Happy Friday.[gallery]
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Hairclub's vacation pic

Ooo look!  Airplanes!

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Can you sing like Beyonce?

Neither can this chick..

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Metal Horses

You'll never be this metal. You'll also probably never be put out to stud.

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Oh Deer

Buck Slams Into Mountain Biker - Watch more Funny Videos
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Whole Lotta Axl

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Darth Vader is a D

I like his style.

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Black Tide

I'll be at Best Buy in Northgate tonight starting at 6 with these guys. They kick ass. You should come check them out.

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Demonic Denise

Happy Friday.

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Old Ladies Shotgun Beers

No matter what happens, you'll never be this cool. Unless of course you're a woman and shotgun beers when you're 80. Otherwise - No chance.

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What would you do for free lunch?

How about potential suicide?

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Cliff Burton

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the passing of one of the greatest, Cliff Burton from Metallica. Here he is shredding. Enjoy

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The Morning After

Don't you hate it when this happens?

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