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Restaurant Wrong Number
I do love wrong numbers.  Also, "restaurant" is a very hard word to spell correctly.  
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Drunk Dials
I do love drunk dials. If you ever feel compelled you can give me a buzz at 206-577-8699.  
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Call Me Maybe?
I know we just met...
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Jimi Hendrix Park
Had the pleasure of chatting with Janie Hendrix today.  Janie is Jimi's sister and the president of Experience Hendrix.  We've teamed up with the Hendrix family to help raise funds for Jimi Hendrix Park in the Central District here in Seattle.

When you buy the Jimi Hendrix "I Am Experienced" T-shirt from the Rock Shop you're supporting Jimi Hendrix park.  Thanks!

You can also donate at http://jimihendrixparkfoundation.org 

Check out my Conversation with Janie below.

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