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Video from Daytona
Check out this fan footage of that crazy crash at Daytona last weekend.
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Keeping it Weird on the 700 Club
Pat Robertson discusses his favorite Macklemore song and the story of the Hobbit.  Sort of...
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Hello. The Wolf?
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Despite all his rage....
Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins fame isn't known for his pleasant disposition, sunshiny demeanor or glowing upbeat sense of humor, which makes this video that much more confusing.  Here's Billy plus semi pro wrestling plus designer furniture.  You tell me what it equals.  


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The Best Harlem Shake Video
It's not hard to be the best one.  It's like being the tallest guy at the the little people convention in Vegas.  Trust me.  Being over 6 feet tall I stuck out like an infected middle finger on a hand with only one finger, but I digress....

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Russian Meteor Sonic Boom
Pretty amazing video of the sonic boom after a meteor entered the atmosphere over Russia today.  Geek out. 
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Butt Drummer
I liked my drum kit until I saw this.  Might be time for an upgrade.  I wonder how much they cost? Pricey I'm sure.
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New Black Sabbath

Check out a peek in the studio with Black Sabbath during the making of the new album "13" in stores in June.

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