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Hank and Marie watch the VMA's
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Capturing That Special Moment
Maybe it's a sign.

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Cougar Mt. 14.47

Wrapped up the Cougar Mountain series over the weekend with a pretty challenging 14.47 mile course through the Cougar Mountain Wildland Park.  I'm pretty sure the person who designed the course is a sadist.

Times for the series:
#1 5 Miles   52:50
#2 8 Miles   1:30:34
#3 10 Miles 2:05:46
#4 14 Miles 2:59:01

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Cougar Mountain Trail Run Series

This weekend is the last race of the 2013 SCOTT Cougar Mt. Trail Run Series.  Congrats on raising over $111,000 for King County Parks this year.  You can find out more about the series here.

So far in the series:

5 Mile Race 52:50
8 Mile Race 1:30:34
10 Mile Race 2:05:46

This Saturday's race is supposed to be 13, but i guess it's actually 14.47 miles.  You can see the course here.   
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Fare thee well old friends.  I 've put about 400 miles on these things this spring/summer, mostly off road.

Here's what they looked like new...

..and after 400 miles..

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