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S.O.A. final 12/2/10

    What up blogger? So did you watch the season final of Sons this week. Now I really like the show and thought the final last year was awesome but the one this year was a little far feched for my taste. Now I did the fact that there was a lot of violence and some killing like any biker shoe should have but the fact that they knew every move the ATF adjent made was just hard to belive. FX is a good channel and I always like the sheild but the sheild has points where it got a little redickous too. I guess the point I am getting to is that why the final was not at all my favortie  still have faith that when the show comes back next year it will be awesome again. Hey if you are looking for a fun Friday night come on out the Holiday Hangover Ball tomorrow. I promise it will be fun and who knows I MIGHT buy ya a beer

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12/02/2010 3:46PM
S.O.A. final 12/2/10
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