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S.S.F.C. 10/4/11

    What up blogger? Man am I fired up today for some soccer. Now I know some of you are sick of hearing me talk about soccer and the Sounders but lets be honset its the only game in town that is winning and playing games that count. You know what i am wrong on that one as the Husky football program is winning and had a big win in my mind last week at Utah. I though honstly that Utah was going to give it to the the Huskies but they played a good game and handled the Utes. I not going to forget you cougs out there as your boys got a win over Colorado and generally I have had more fun hangin with cougs.

    So onto the point of this blog and that point is that tonight is a big game for your Seattle Sounders FC. The US open cup is a cool, exciteing torneyment that allows club teams or all levals to compete. For instance the Sounders beat the Kitsap Pumas in a early round of the open cup. Now the Sounders have won the last two open cups and have made the torneyment more popular then it used to be. Thsi is good because it give the open cup the respect it derseves but at the same time it makes it harder because other MLS teams now care about winning the cup. In soccer its all about one thing and thats hardware. We already got our hands on one peice of hardware in winning the Cascadia cup which I am sure has been named George. Now tonight we should set yet another record for people to watch a open cup final and if we win we will be the first team to win three open cups in a row ever. Not sure about that stat but just go with it folks. So tonight I will be there and Ben will be there and I hope you all are there and ready to go crazy.

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10/04/2011 9:20AM
S.S.F.C. 10/4/11
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