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S.S.F.C. 3/15/11

    What up blogger? How in the hell are you doing today. Well I am for one fired up. My cold was wooping my butt the last few days but I got some good sleep and stocked up on my vitamin c and am feeling somewhat better today. Anyhow I am real excited that today the Sounders kick off the MLS season tonight at Quest feild. It will more than likly the most football that place will see for a while. Anyhow it will be exciteing for a few reason's. Number one is that the game will be on national tv on ESPN2 at 6:30pm. Number two is that it has been a while since I have sat with my buddy's that I have tickets with and I like those guys but we don't hang out a ton in the off season. The other thing is that I really feel like the Sounders have a chance to do something special this year in the MLS and don't forget we staill have to defend our open cup title. I for one am excited to see all the blue and green around town today. Go Sounders

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03/15/2011 9:40AM
S.S.F.C. 3/15/11
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