SHOW # 1407 December 20 2011

Writer Scott Locklin recently penned an article titled "Never Trust Anyone Who Hasn't Been Punched in the Face".  That's been the general belief of everyone on this show for years, but Scott articulates our position with great clarity.  It's not the most politically correct piece of ever written, but what that means is it's TRUE.  The long and short of what he says is that violence and those people who've experienced violence have a better and closer connection to the truth of how the world really works.  Doesn't sound warm and fuzzy, but the world is neither warm nor fuzzy... and that is the entirety of his point.  It's like we always say about Alcoholics Anonymous; your sponsors are alcoholics... they know where you're coming from, so you can trust them.  Who you trust is situational, of course, as, in general, alcoholics don't rank very high on most people's list of trustworthiness, but in the case of AA, there's no one better.  As you go through life and have your own experiences, you start to determine who you do and/ or don't take seriously based on what you feel they should, or in some cases, should not have done.  NEVER TRUST ANYONE WHO HASN'T DONE OR EXPERIENCED _________.
I'll sound cynical, but I don't trust ANYONE running for public office.  That's just me.  As for you:
Has no time for anyone who has never "punched a time card"
Don't trust anyone who has never tried the product they're trying to sell you... that's why it's fun to talk to people at sex shops about sex toys
Anyone who has never moved out of their home town... amen... enjoy some independence and create your OWN drama
Don't trust any adult who still lives with their parents... amen, part two
Don't' trust the parenting advise of anyone who is not a parent
Don't trust anyone who is scared to be scared... in other words, he believes that you should face your fears in life
People who don't smoke weed are not to be trusted
Doesn't trust anyone who didn't or doesn't have a job as a teenager
Anyone who has never lived paycheck to paycheck... I'm not sure I know anyone who DOESN'T live paycheck to paycheck
Doesn't trust anyone who has never spent the night in jail
Had to take anger management class from a guy who, self- professed, has no anger issues
Don't trust 'whitey'
Doesn't trust professional cooks who don't smoke weed... in the 12 years I cooked, I can say with complete honesty that I never met a cook who didn't smoke weed
In honor Hanukah, Jolene brought us the top 10 Jewish rockers.  Yes, they exist!  Here's a link to the list:
If you happen to be a member of the tribe, Happy Hanukah.
Until tomorrow, smile and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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12/20/2011 5:47PM
SHOW # 1407 December 20 2011
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