SHOW # 1168 Movember 23 2010


It snowed in Seattle, and true to Seattle form, the entire city shut down, everyone went into a panic and things became a disaster.  It’s the same thing that happened last time it snowed in Seattle, and the time before that, and the time before that, and, well, you get it.  Anyway, as a result of the panic, everyone had an unnecessarily traumatic night last night trying to get home or trying to get anywhere.  It was ridiculous and it’s all anyone has been talking about, so we decided to continue the ‘talk’ today:  IT’S SNOW- BITCH 2010, WHAT’S YOUR STORY?

11 hours to go from Capitol Hill to Tacoma

Tree fell over onto his driveway and he has no power at his house.  He DOES have a fireplace, but no firewood, so he and the wife have been burning furniture

Angry with single people driving in the car pool lanes

Took six hours to drive home, only to find out that he has no power at his house.  Good times!

Couldn’t get to work today

Delivers pizza (for the Hut) for a living and IS AT WORK today doing just that.  That’s not what’s pissing her off however.  What’s pissing her off is that very few people are tipping.  What gives?

Suddenly doesn’t enjoy their rear- wheel- drive car

Was stuck in traffic for 7 hours

Got a text at 2 am saying “stay home”, got a call at 9 am saying “come in”

Can’t make it to the liquor store

Stuck in a ditch with his wife and kid for 6 hours… called AAA, but they (AAA) cancelled the call because conditions were too “dangerous”

His colostomy bag exploded in the car while trapped in traffic… the real beauty of this is that it wasn’t their car

There were plenty more gripes, groans and bitches, but most of them included swipes at “stupid drivers” (meaning every driver other than you).

OK bitches, we’re out until next Monday.  Do us, and you, a favor and have a really good, very safe Thanksgiving… or don’t.

Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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11/23/2010 12:25PM
SHOW # 1168 Movember 23 2010
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11/24/2010 11:22AM
Spent three hours trying to get home from visiting family. 2 hours of that was just trying to get over Boeing access road....1/2 mile!!!!
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