SHOW # 1328 August 5 2011


Earlier this week in Florida, a married couple got into an argument, which is nothing new, but the fight ended with the wife trying to slice off her husband’s man- satchel… with a pirate sword.  Who the f**k owns a pirate sword?  Anyway, we don’t know the whole story, but essentially, the woman snapped when her husband called her a ‘floozie’.  Who even says ‘floozie’ anymore?  Whore, slut, ho… they all work, but ‘floozie’?  ‘Floozie’ is such an out- of- date- term we’re surprised she took the time to be offended, as opposed to laughing at her husband and asking him if he has any idea what year it is.  Instead, she tried to cut off his seed- bag.  Speaking of old lingo, the folks at MSN put together  a history of slang terms over the last 100 years .  It starts in the 1910’s and goes through the first decade of the current millennium.   All of this inspired today’s question:  WHAT OUT- OF- DATE SLANG DO YOU STILL USE OR WHAT SLANG TERM HAVE YOU NEVER UNDERSTOOD?

Personally, I like the old- school slang:  gams = a woman’s legs, horsefeathers = an expletive, flat tire = an idiot, pill = someone you don’t like, berries = something good and on and on.  Love the ancient slang.

Here’s the crap you say followed my best effort to translate what the hell you’re actually saying:

“slam pig”… woman of large carriage (fat!) who actively seeks sexual partners… or as I like to say, the big chick who waits for you to get drunk

“bomb”… as in, ‘that’s awesome/ great’

Lickety- split… fast, swift

“dog will hunt”… something that does exactly what it’s supposed to do

“Whipper- snapper”… a young douche or young ingrate

“Cocka mamy”… ridiculous/ stupid

“Hella”… very

“Jive turkey”… a**hole

“Oh snap”… means “holy sh*t!”

“Trollop”… whore, ho, slut

“Kosher”… everything is good or good enough

“Colored”… black… it should be pointed out that black is the ABSENCE of all color.  Just sayin’

“Pins”… a woman’s legs

“Riggamarole”… the usual or the expected

“Boss”… fantastic/ outstanding

“Mind your P’s and Q’s”… mind your manners


As he does every time he comes to Seattle, Zane Lamprey, host of “3 Sheets” and "Drinking Made Easy"dropped by the studio and talked all things booze.  That is exactly why we enjoy talking to Zane.  Anyway, he’s doing a little thing called Zane- a Polooza here in Seattle tomorrow night. Check it out.

It’s time for me to start my weekend… you too!

Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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08/05/2011 1:39PM
SHOW # 1328 August 5 2011
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