SHOW # 1351 September 21 2011


If you own a car you need car insurance (in most states), if you own a home you need homeowner’s insurance, in a perfect world we’d all have health insurance, and if you want to give your spouse motive you’ll get life insurance.  Insurance is one of those things most people buy because they’re obligated to, but most of us don’t insure the things that MEAN the most to us or the things that actually allow us to make a living.  No one on this show has their voice insured, in spite of the fact that we TALK to earn money… and have precious few skills to do anything else.  Most construction workers don’t have their hands insured, even though without them they’re probably not gonna work in the construction industry.  Celebrities, on the other hand, they know who ‘brought them to the dance’, so to speak.  Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu has his hair insured now that ‘Head and Shoulders’ is throwing him some cash, Gene Simmons has his tongue insured because, well, he’s Gene Frickin’ Simmons and rumor has it that Tom Jones has his chest hair insured for seven million dollars… his chest hair.  It only sounds ridiculous because it IS ridiculous, but they’re erring on the side of caution.  Are you?  WHAT BODY PART OR POSSESSION DO YOU OWN THAT YOU SHOULD HAVE INSURED, BUT DON’T?

His “emerald green” eyes… I don’t know why, but I kinda wanna punch this guy.  Seriously, I don’t know why

Her hands… she’s a barista and an artist with the dream of illustrating her own comic book.  Without hands there’s a good chance that her artwork would suck s

As a phlebotomist (drawer of blood) he has his hands insured for 5 times his annual salary… said he was recommended to do so

Her ass… she won ‘best ass in Seattle’ two years in a row.  She’s also a pin- up model

His Walter Jones autographed football from the ’05 Super Bowl

His one, smaller ear that happens to be deaf… he can hear out of his OTHER ear, but he wants to insure the deaf one

Her “Hello Kitty” tattoo… saw a picture and it’s pretty cool, mostly because Hello Kitty is packing a machine gun

Would insure his $12,000 prosthetic leg… pointed out that his truck is only worth $1000, so the leg is the most expensive thing he owns

His ears… he’s a drummer and needs to hear his band mates to keep a beat.  On that note, you can play drums with only one arm, as Def Leppard has proven

Wants to insure his face… have no idea what he looks like, but he goes by the name “B- Money”, which sounds like a dude who would insure his face

His lungs… explained that he can do bigger bong hits than anyone he knows and THAT’S’S worth protecting

His chest… has a “cool scar” and chicks dig it

Her (.)(.)’s… she’s 49 and says that she’s been told that they look better than some women in their 20’s.  We pointed out that the reason guys say that is so that they can see her boobs again.  They could look like diving penguins, but if we wanna see them again (meaning; get in your pants) we’re gonna say they look like heaven- sent melons of love

His hair… wishes he’d done it BEFORE it all fell out


So this particular game has become all the rage (so much so that a group of thieving f**k heads in Florida STOLE the game… seriously, some morning show stole the game… worthless a**holes) and we often mention that our radio version is the same as the board game.  People keep looking for the board game, so here’s a picture of our board game.  Go find it.

OK bitches, I’m out.

Until tomorrow, pick it, stick it, deny it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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09/21/2011 10:43AM
SHOW # 1351 September 21 2011
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12/09/2011 11:13AM
the board game
I cannot find it anywhere! I have gone to KMart Target and Walmart and the people on the floor say they have never heard of it.
01/07/2012 9:11PM
Black white mexi or jew
Why don't you a-holes just tell us where the f the game is Ive looked everywhere and you f-ers can't tell us where the f it is, I'm tired of playin these f-ing child games.
05/22/2012 11:37PM
has to be fake
08/06/2012 5:42PM
the board game
where can we buy it
08/06/2012 5:43PM
where can we buy this board game
wanting to buy the board game
09/26/2012 6:47PM
hogwash & balderdash I say...
Ok, I'm officially calling BS on this board game. Funny wild goose chase though, fellas!
10/11/2012 5:24PM
11/16/2012 9:50AM
Prove it!
This game cannot be located on Amazon either! If it did in fact exist the the Mens Room whould give it out as a prize! Ha bitches, you've just been called out.... now prove it!
12/04/2012 11:38PM
where is the game
we have looked every where you dont even sell it on your kisw site wtf
12/11/2012 9:41PM
It does not exist! Thanks for wasting my time guys
01/16/2013 1:47PM
Real boardgame store.
This a message from a board game store located in Seattle Washington. This game is fake. We hate you guys so much for constantly trying to convince people that it exists. We have people ask for it all the time and we have to explain to them that the gameis not real. Some of your listeners get violent about it. Please stop being racist and inconsiderate jerks. Thanks
01/16/2013 8:09PM
I FOUND THE GAME at the game store located in Seattle, Washington. Finally!!
01/17/2013 11:45AM
Real board game store #2 in response to "THE GAME"
No you didn't. No one publishes this game. Chances are you are a troll or you are someone who actually works for the station that wants to continue the lie. Clearly the game in the picture above is fake. If you look closely at it you can see that it is poorly photo-shopped. Also you can see in the bottom left corner the words "AGES 3 AND UP!". Games get realistic age ratings from their distributors or else consumer agencies crack down on them. I doubt a game with such a racist title, racist subject matter, and racist cover art would pass as a game for toddlers. The final piece of proof is, an online database for every single board game published since the mid to late 1800's. If the game was real BGG would have all sorts of info on it, they do not. Unless the station decides to start publishing this game on their own it is at this moment fake. The app might be real, but the board game is fake.
01/27/2013 1:12PM
Must be patient
If you look hard enough you will find it! It took me calling around to about 5 different places each directing me somewhere else until i was able to locate it at Spencers!
01/30/2013 4:38PM
Big Luke
Where can you find it ??? Someone please help me find it ?
02/05/2013 12:19PM
Went to Spencers
I just went to Spencers and they told me it was fake! WTF guys?
03/01/2013 5:02PM
Yah my woman looked for days and no one sells it
03/06/2013 6:48PM
'Nough said
05/03/2013 6:33PM
This is funny.
No really it is. Think about it.
08/30/2013 6:21PM
I found it.
Fred Meyer's in Lynnwood had it, only a few left though. I don't know why it's so hard for you guys to find sheesh..
10/07/2013 6:32PM
lies... all lies...
game and app are both fake. Don't know why these guys insist on pissing off the people that provide them with a job. Bad plan.
10/22/2013 11:41AM
it's humor, guys.. they're not intentionally pissing people off - it's just your fault if you don't get it.
10/23/2013 3:02PM
Thanks Ebay...found it!
Brilliant game… must be a good judge of character to play
11/07/2013 1:32AM
This has to be one of the funniest things ever done on radio nice work guys.
11/13/2013 9:05PM
Get over yourself
If you guys don't know the Men's Room well enough, then you should only blame yourselves. This is what they do. They provide entertainment. RELAX! The game is for fun and on the air. I've been listening to the Men's Room now for over 6 years and I have these guys down pat. THEY ARE PRANKSTERS & ENJOY IT! Stop taking this game so D-MN SERIOUSLY!
04/16/2015 5:17PM
Why do you feel fine choosing from blacks, whites, Mexicans but all the sudden Jews are untouchable? Did the ADL freak out or something? Why go safe with swapping for asians?
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