SHOW # 1370 October 19 2011


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a study on Monday that estimates the cost of alcohol abuse with regard to medical expenses.  Truth- be- told, we didn’t care about that, but what DID catch our attention was the CDC’s definition of ‘binge drinking’.  According to them, binge drinking is the consumption of four or five alcoholic beverages on one occasion… or as WE call it, pre- funking.  We drink that much in preparation to go out drinking, so according to the CDC… and our wives and girlfriends… we all have a drinking problem.  Oddly enough, I’m hung over as I write this.  So that’s the CDC; meanwhile, the folks behind the Gallup poll recently came to the conclusion that 86% of American workers are overweight or obese.  How did they come to that conclusion?  They asked 100,000 people for their weight and height and if they weren’t within whatever the “magic number” is, they were labeled fat.  The question is, if 86% of workers are overweight, is it really ‘over weight’, are they over weight or are they the new average?  Who knows?  Anyway, this leads to today’s question:  WHEN IT COMES TO WHAT IS AVERAGE, WHERE ARE YOU ABOVE AND WHERE ARE YOU BELOW?

Today proved to be BELOW average.   For reasons I can’t explain, today’s show spiraled into weirdness.  We thought we had a pretty simple question but somehow the floodgates of strange opened and we were I it all day.  That being said, while were pissing and moaning all day about the oddness of it all, the consensus from the listeners was that today was one of our best shows ever.  Seems that the more we’re derailed and the more bizarre and agonizing the callers, the better the show.  Who knew?

While we appreciate the sentiment, we felt like our brains were melting into quivering puddles of mush.

On that note I must say adios.  My brain needs to recover!

Until tomorrow, shake it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!”

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10/19/2011 1:49PM
SHOW # 1370 October 19 2011
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