SHOW # 1455 March 9 2012

So, we found out yesterday that the Washington State Supreme Court upheld the Court of Appeals earlier decision to reverse then- Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels' ban on handguns in Seattle parks... even if you had a concealed weapons permit.  Thing about a gun is, it's an obvious weapon, and therefore, a pretty effective deterrent.  But, as we're finding out lately, pretty much ANYTHING can be used as a weapon.  Case- in- point, a 48- year- old man from Forest Grove, Oregon was arrested after he assaulted a Jack- in- the- Box employee with a Breakfast jack Sandwich. All you need to know is, when the man asks for curly fires, give him some motherf$#king CURLY FRIES!
Meanwhile, in Muncy, Pennsylvania, an 11- year-old boy faces possible charges after hitting his own mother in the face... with a Pop Tart.  Who would disrespect a sugary breakfast treat in such a way?  Kids these days!
And then there's the 90- year- old woman from Hampshire, England who was the victim of a hit- and- run.  She said she felt like she was hit by a truck... she was hit by a Rascal mobility scooter; top speed, 4 miles per hour... or to a 90- year- old, breakneck speed.  Yep.  That brings us to today's question:  WHAT'S THE MOST UNLIKELY THING THAT YOU'VE EVER BEEN HIT WITH?
I recall years ago seeing my bosses wife get hit in the face with a latex, pocket- pu**y.  Damndest thing I've ever seen and one of the funniest.  The bosses wife (and the boss) did not find it so funny.  Trust me, it was hilarious.
As for you:
Got busted for knocking someone out with an orange
Got his with a paternity suit... thing is, he's sterile, hence, it was the most unlikely thing for him to be hit with
Got hit with a pound of glitter... he was walking through capital Hill during Pride, so I'm not sure that getting hit with glitter is all that unlikely
Took a shot glass to the temple... that's what you get when you flick a cigarette into someone's eye
He's been hit with a curling iron, a hair dryer, toaster and silverware... all compliments of the same woman... He was also hit by a Toyota Tercell, compliments of the SAME woman
Hit in the back of the head with a 12- inch dildo
Knows a woman who got hit in the face with a frozen squirrel (WTF???)... she suffered a broken cheek- bone and a fractured eye socket
Had a watermelon smashed over his head
Riding his motorcycle at about 70 miles per hour when he collided with a crow... things didn't work out so well for the crow
Has been hit with an X- Box controller, a Slinky, a dumbbell and a rubber chicken
Someone threw a knife directly into his foot... that 'someone' was him
A Budweiser Clydesdale once sneezed in her face and she was covered with horse snot
Finally, like everyone else in the world, he was hit with homemade napalm... don't make napalm at home
OK bitches, it's the weekend.  make the most of it.
Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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03/09/2012 5:33PM
SHOW # 1455 March 9 2012
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