SHOW # 1492 MAY 1 2012

Maybe you've heard, but in this modern, app- happy world, the hottest seller right now is the Ugly Meter... and it does exactly what it sounds like it does; it scans your face and tells you how ugly you are.  Apparently, it analyses your facial symmetry to come up with it's score of 1- to- 10.  It should be noted that '10' is the ugliest, so this is one of those times when being a 'perfect 10' isn't what you're looking for.  Thing is, you don't need an app to tell you if you're ugly.  With a few notable exceptions (I'm talking to YOU Torry Spelling) ugly people are very aware that they are ugly.  Not only do you know if you're ugly, you also know who the ugliest person is in your circle of friends, among your co- workers and in your own family.  Here's hoping it's not you.  Beauty may, indeed, be in the eye of the beholder, but sometimes ugly is an undeniable truth.  Ever met anyone who found Clint Howard handsome?   Me neither.  Today we asked you to play the role of the Ugly Meter and give an honest answer to the following question:  WHO IS THE UGLIEST PERSON YOU KNOW?
His- brother- in- law... huge head and man- boobs... what makes the man- boobs worse is that one is bigger than the other
One of his regular customers at the grocery store where she works... says she's remarkably ugly but it's made worse because she has stubble
His friend's girlfriend... says she has crooked teeth, a crooked nose, but has great legs. 
Fellow student... lazy eye, weird hair, a double chin and smells "weird"
His uncle, plain and simple
His wife's best friend... makes him the guy who got the hot one out of the pair
His college buddy... guy looked 45 when he was 19... thing is, the ugly dude had a twin sister who was HOT
Knows a family who has a 16- year- old kid with gray hair... how do you have gray hair at 16?  Jesus.
Says that his buddy "literally" looks like a monkey... it's possible that his friend is actually monkey that looks somewhat human?
His best friend's fiancé... he's known her for 10 years and says she's always been ugly the whole time... even better, he's the best man at the upcoming wedding AND they've only known each other for 3 months
Jolene brought in an interesting list today.  It was the Top 10 Dead Artist Who Should Come Back as Holograms.  We're just assuming the list was inspired by Tupac's recent 'appearance' at Coachella... or wherever.  Here's the link:
OK, trivia night.  Gotta run, bitches.
Until tomorrow, put it where you need it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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05/01/2012 6:21PM
SHOW # 1492 MAY 1 2012
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