SHOW # 1495 MAY 9 2012

I apologize for the visual I'm about to share with you, but here's the story:  Nadya Suleman, better known as the "Octomom", finally succumbed to the financial reality of having 14 kids.  You may remember back when she first surfaced in the national consciousness when she added 8 more mouths to feed to her pre- existing collection of 6, she made it clear that she would NOT do porn to earn money.  She'd been offered A MILLION DOLLARS to star in a porn, but turned it down.  Fast forward to 2012; she has no job and no sugar- daddy, yet still has the lives of 14 children to ruin, so she has, in fact, just finished shooting her first (of many, I'm sure) porn’s.  Per her request (and to the relief of porn actors everywhere) she insisted that she appear in the movie alone, so it's just her self- pleasuring.  Chances are, there will be more where that came from because the Octomom says she "loved" it.  According to her, thanks to the crew and 'actress' Jessica Drake in particular, her eyes were opened to a whole new world of masturbation.  Yea... thanks Jessica... just what the world needed.  Actually, it kinda IS what the world needs.  It's one thing to lose your virginity, but there's somebody or some THING that really taught you what YOU like when it comes to sex.  There's a reason why 40- year- old women are better in bed than 21- year- olds.  Just sayin'.  Anyway, whether it was hooker, that one girl, Penthouse Forum or something you saw online, we wanted to know:  WHO OR WHAT INTRODUCED YOU TO WHAT YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT SEX?
Loves women in lingerie... discovered this self- truth via a Frederick's of Hollywood catalog
His high school girlfriend used to love having "lots" of people in the room when they had sex... not sure I'd love that now, but back in the day when getting laid was like finding Bigfoot, I wouldn't care if a gaggle of nuns watched
Been hooking up with a nympho since January and discovered that he enjoys quantity... says he's had more sex in the last 4 months than he did in the 7 years he was with his ex... he also adds that the downside to constant sex is the chafing.  I play a violin for thee
His first girlfriend turned him onto pretty much everything... kinda cool, but you've gotta think that if that's true, he'll never find another like her
A one- night- stand turned her on to her foot fetish
She discovered that she likes being bitten, specifically on the wrists and neck... thing is, it wasn't about sex at the time, her boyfriend was just messing around but when he bit her, she had a tingle in all the right places
When he was 18 he worked as a dishwasher and got laid by a - year- old woman... discovered that he likes older women and hasn't looked back
She discovered that she likes being spanked
The TV show 'Divorce Court' got her into role- playing... not connecting the dots on this one, but whatever works for you
OK bitches, time for me to roll.
Tomorrow Mono Nick from the BJ Shea Morning Experience dropping by to test some jokes that he's written in hope of opening the BJ Shea Comedy Riot, and we'll talk to a police officer named James Britt from the SPD who will show us one of the new drones they'll be using to extend Big Brother's reach.
Until tomorrow, love 'em, leave 'em and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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05/09/2012 5:37PM
SHOW # 1495 MAY 9 2012
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