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When it comes to your exes, if you're like most people, you get a bad taste in your mouth and words like 'bitch', 'douche', 'crazy', 'whore', 'cheat', 'liar', etc pop into your head.  It also doesn't take very long to remember why you broke up with them in the first place, nor does it take long to be flooded with that sweet, sweet feeling of relief you get when you realize that you no longer have to endure their company.  And then there are those people who wish they could get back together with their ex.  I don't understand those people, but they exist.  Case- in- point, rumors are circulating in that vapid wonderland we call Hollywood that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Morre might be getting back together.  If you're like me (stunningly handsome) yo don't care... not even a little... but it got us thinking; which ex would we go crawling back to if we HAD to, and what would be the criteria?  The sex?  The cooking?  Their hotness?  Drug connections?  Their money?  Something else entirely?  Today we asked you to shed your self- respect and answer this question:  IF YOU HAD TO GO BACK TO ONE OF YOUR EXES, WHO WOULD YOU GO BACK TO AND WHY?
Her ex Catie... in spite of being "lesbians", her ex left her for a man.  Not very lesbian- like, but what do I know?
She would go back with her ex Shaun... why?  He bought her stuff, but he sucked in bed.  So she'd give up good sex for 'stuff'.  Move to Bellevue and the world is your oyster, baby!
His Cambodian/ Vietnamese ex- girlfriend for her oral skills AND her ability to roll a perfect joint
His 'baby mamma'... he says "keep your enemies close"... if you can't have kids with your enemies, who CAN you have kids with?  Oh, wait
His "crazy, blonde ex"... great ass and a sweet, sweet, 'ham wallet'
Girl he dated when he was 19 because she taught him a thing or two or 69 in in the bedroom
His most recent ex because he was a good cook, the sex was great, he was sweet and had a perfect body.  Why did they break up?  F**k if I know
Dated a 21- year- old nurse (meaning; a dirty, dirty girl) when he was 38... we had to cut him off, but he pointed out that she liked it "deep in her bu-", and that's where we cut him off
She would go all the way back to her high school boyfriend so she could cheat on HIM!!!
Wants to go back to the girl who had sex with his friend AND his brother while in the shower... that's a keeper
His most recent ex... super crazy but good in the sack
His ex girlfriend who never complained, didn't get jealous and couldn't get pregnant... why did you break up, exactly?
Like beards?  Like music?  You are in luck, amigos because the lovely Jolene brought us Rolling Stones' list of the Top 10 Beards in Rock.  Yea, there's list of the Top 10 Beards in Rock and Jolene presented it to us.  The crazy part is, we actually debated. 
OK bitches, I'm out!
Until tomorrow, broom the womb and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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05/29/2012 5:47PM
SHOW # 1505 MAY 29 2012
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