SHOW # 1506 MAY 30 2012

"The fine folks at AOL conducted a survey and found that 53% of people have done something illegal to save money.  I find that number astonishingly low, but that's most because I'm up to no good.  Anyway, more than half of you have resorted to illegal activities to keep a little extra scratch in your pocket.  We have a list of the 5 most common ways people break the law to save money.  Share that with you in a second.  One of the money- saving activities a lot of us have attempted is the 'dine- and- dash'... you know, go to a restaurant, order your meal and then bolt before paying.  It's a douche move, but it's relatively simple... assuming you don't lock yourself out of your car in the process.  Four 17- year- old's from Syracuse recently learned this lesson the hard way.  They attempted the dine- and- dash, only to find themselves trapped in the parking lot.  They've all been charged with theft related nonsense.  It's no secret that the economy sucks, so today we wanted to know:  HOW HAVE YOU OR DO YOU BREAK THE LAW TO SAVE MONEY?
As promised, here are the 5 Most- Common Ways We Break the Law to Save Money
1.  Switching labels from an expensive item to a cheaper one
2.  Parking illegally... come on, that's kinda illegal
3.  Lying to friends... saying you don't have money to have someone else pick up your tab... not illegal, just sh*tty
4.  Tricking self- checkout scanners... in other words, not ringing up an item
5.  Stealing
Hey, sorry.  A bit distracted today trying to keep up with the 'Seattle gunman' story.  It's one of those tragic stories where the details and the death tolls) keep changing.  Anyway, we've been quietly keeping an eye on the story in an effort to give you an accurate account.  Difficult to do. 
Until tomorrow, stay safe and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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05/30/2012 6:13PM
SHOW # 1506 MAY 30 2012
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