SHOW # 1510 JUNE 5 2012

An Oregon jury awarded a 49- year- old woman $900,000 after she claimed that a 69- year- old man INTENTIONALLY gave her herpes.  Oddly enough, she's from Beaverton... and she says that she now suffers from "painful and (unsightly) outbreaks".  Anyway, she won the money.  Her name?  She kept her name under wraps because, you know, she has herpes.  So she has money and gets to keep her anonymity.  That WON'T be the case for 5 of the 10 sexually abused victims of former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.  The judge in the case ruled yesterday that they will have to testify using their real names, thus, sharing with the world that they were raped by another man.  That's not the kind of thing you brag about.  If you're a kid with lice, you don't brag about THAT.  In fact, to avoid being known for having the dreaded 'cooties', you try to keep your lice a secret... and that's why they DON'T want to be seen going into 'Lice Knowing You' on Mercer Island... a place you go to de- lice your kid's cootie- riddled head.  Great service, but embarrassing to be seen going in... or coming out.  This leads to today's question:  WHAT ENBARRASSING THING DID YOU HOPE NO ONE WOULD FIND OUT ABOUT YOU... AND THEN, WHO FOUND OUT?
His mother walked in on him "punching the clown" when he was 16... he was pleauring himself to a store catalog IN THE LIVING ROOM!  ever, ever MASTURBATE IN THE LIVING ROOM. I didn't masturbate in the living room when I lived alone!
Didn't want his girl to know that he was chubby in his youth (???)... parents came over and brought a newspaper clipping of him as a kid.  Nice article, but he was the "fat kid" in the picture
She's in cosmetology school and is one of those people who doesn't use public bathrooms... on this particular day, her butt was explosive and she had to break her trend and use the bathroom at the school.  AFTER she released pooped, she discovered that the back of her skirt was IN the toilet... and covered with poop
Voluntarily slept in the same bed as his mother until he was 8- years- old... I find that very disturbing.  I just do.
His friend had a "bad stomach" after eating Chinese... nowhere to go, so he ducked into someone's front yard and unloaded his brown cargo.  The bad part is that he had to wipe his ass on his own shirt
Decided to "rub one out" at school... didn't realize that everyone in the caffeteria could see him... and did
Crapped his pants at a grocery store... ditched his pants and wrapped himself in a towel... came home to a house full of friends, having to explain why h was wearing a towel, but not pants
Tomorrow is Metal Day here at KISW, so to celebrate; we played the 10 Best Metal Sons of All Time.  Just so you know, none of the songs were metal by genre, they were just songs that had a metal in the title, so really, all of the songs sucked... and they sucked bad.  ENJOY!
Outta here, bitches.
Until tomorrow, rock, roll and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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06/05/2012 5:34PM
SHOW # 1510 JUNE 5 2012
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