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Everyone has at least heard the goofy quote, "a dingo ate my baby."  Hell, most of us have said those 5 words at one time or another.  If you don't know, it all stems from 1980, when a 9- week- old baby girl disappeared from a campsite in Australia.  Her mother claimed that a dingo took her... and no one believed her... because it's ridiculous... unless you know anything about packs of wild dogs.  Anyway, mom spent 6 years in jail accused of murder, but now, 32 years later, a coroner told a courtroom that they are now 100% positive that a dingo did, in fact, eat her baby.  32 years is a long time to have to wait for someone to believe your story, but it finally happened.  Earlier this week, a guy hired a hot air balloon to escort him and his girlfriend on a romantic float above Indiana.  As they enjoyed their airborne voyage, he proposed to his girl, she said yes and then the balloon promptly drifted into some power lines.  The pilot was electrocuted and jolted into the new bride- to- be, which electrocuted HER.  Neither of them died, but the story is, well, shocking.  And then there's the 49- year- old guy in Florida who FINALLY decided to get himself a cell phone.  It started ringing immediately and he was met with insults and threats.  Turns out he was given George Zimmerman's old phone number.  Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction, and that's today's question:  NO ONE BELIEVES MY STORY ABOUT THE TIME _________ HAPPENED!
OK, so we had some good answers today, and some not so good answers, but we were sidte- tracked all day by a side argument between me and Ted; would you trust someone to come over to your home WITH their pet monkey even if they vouched for it?  If it sounds like a stupid debate, it's because it is, but that kind of thing doesn't stop us. 
The debate was touched off by a woman who was attacked by her uncle's monkey, Jose, when she was about 6 years old.  The uncle was visiting and he brought Jose (the monkey) with him.  As we understand it, Jose was just a little spider-monkey, and he was tied to a tree in her front yard (???)  At some point, the caller was given a banana to go feed Jose.  When she got within arm's reach of Jose, our monkey friend freaked out and attacked her.  He jumped on her and bit her "everywhere there was space to bite".  Eventually she was able to get away.
My initial comment was that I, personally, would not allow someone to bring their pet monkey over to my house.  Nothing against monkeys, but stay outta my house.  Ted argued that it's not much different than a dog, but here was my argument; with a dog, pretty much any dog, if you have some food, that dog becomes your friend.  It's that simple.  You'd think that would apply to monkeys as well, but no.  The girl offered the frickin' monkey a frickin' banana and the frickin' monkey ATTACKED HER ANYWAY!  Only monkeys do that kind of sh*t and THAT is why your monkey (should you have one) has no place in my home.  Ted feels different.  I stand by my anti- monkey stance.
Yea, so we were side-tracked all day with this little debate. 
Jolene brought us an interesting list today; the top 13 songs used to torture prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.  The funny thing, a fair number of the songs used, we play here on THE ROCK!  Check it out.
I'm outta here, mi amigos.
Until tomorrow, suck on it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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06/12/2012 5:34PM
SHOW # 1515 JUNE 12 2012
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