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So the results of a poll conducted in England revealed that 36% of respondents weren't aware that bacon comes from pigs, 40% didn't know that milk (that we choose to drink) comes from cows and 59% were unaware that butter is a dairy product.  (face palm)  Before you point and laugh at our British counterparts, 30% of American men have put on a condom inside- out, 45% have removed the condom BEFORE completing coitus, and 51% have put on a condom after they'd already started having sex.  (360 degree spin and... face palm).  The sad truth is, 'common knowledge' and 'common sense' aren't so common.  Hell, everyone bitches about the government in some capacity, but the number of people who don't know how many branches there are (3), or how many Supreme Court justices there are (9) or how many people sit on Congress (535) is astonishing... or sobering... or depressing, depending on your view of things.  Here's where it gets worse; 95% of transplants who take the American Citizenship Test pass it on the first try.  Compare that only 50% of 'red- blooded Americans' who can pass a knowledge test about the place they live.  (off of a trampoline face plant).  We're all guilty of not knowing stuff we should damn- well know, so today we asked you to fill in the blank:  MAYBE I'M STUPID (OR AN IDIOT), BUT _________ WAS NEWS TO ME.
Just discovered that Niagara Falls separates New York State from Canada... not ALL of New York, of course, but just that little part
Was unaware of sex toys... how is that possible?
Never noticed the BELL on the Taco Bell sign... 
Her husband found out last week that Darious Rucker (aka Hootie) is black... the name 'Darious' would be the first clue
Did a report on Nazi's in high school and kept pronouncing it with a soft 'z', so he kept calling 'nozzies', which sounds much more cuddly, but the Nazi's weren't very cuddly
Was unaware what the term 'moose knuckles' referred to... same as a camel toe, a ham wallet or buffalo gums
Thought that Asians were a separate ethnicity from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc... he just found out 2 months ago... when he started dating a Korean woman
Thought you pronounced the 'H' in hola... that's alright, I just found out last year while visiting Mexico 'hola bitchola' translates to 'hello, naked ladies'
Thought Chicago was in California
Believed that dust bunnies were living creatures... the way they multiply, you'd have every reason to believe that
Thought 'gunpoint' was a geographic place and therefore wondered why anyone would go to this place since the only news involving 'gunpoint' was bad
I'll leave you with that.
OK biches, I'm outta here. 
Until tomorrow, we don't need no education and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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06/14/2012 5:32PM
SHOW # 1517 JUNE 14 2012
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06/15/2012 4:32PM
Ruining the family car
When I first started to drive, my friends and I used to jump railroad tracks with our cars. We'd find a crossing with a nice big bump on it, floor it and get some serious hangtime. It was a really stupid thing to do, but that never stopped us. I found out the hard way this isn't a great idea when you are driving an automatic. Ended up blowing the rear ends on two Dodges before I figured this out. One of the cars was the family station wagon, and my folks had to buy a new vehicle. Many years later--just before he died--I told Dad what I'd done to his car. I figured we would have a good laugh and all would be forgiven. Even though I was a grown man, he proceed to give me the royal rear-chewing I deserved when I was 18. And I had it coming. Radem
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