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Last week in Michigan, a female lawmaker was speaking against a bill that would require doctors to ensure that women seeking an abortion weren't coerced into terminating the pregnancy.  State Representative Lisa Brown said, quote, "I'm flattered you're all so concerned about my vagina, but no means no."  She was then barred from speaking in the House during the next day's session because she said the word 'vagina'.  Kind of hard to talk about reproductive 'rights' and not say 'vagina'.  Would they have preferred p*ssy, mossy cottage, ham wallet, buffalo gums, etc?  WTF?  Meanwhile, in Cincinnati, a guy named Forest Thomer was promoting a comedian with muscular dystrophy named Ally Bruener.  As part of the promotion, he asked people, "do you want to laugh at a crippled girl?"  Keep in mind, this was asked with the blessing of the comedian, who is also a friend of his... nevertheless, this being modern America (aka 'P*ssyville), Forest was charged with disorderly conduct for using the word 'crippled'.  Really?  Jesus.  Today's question:  WHAT WORD DO YOU FIND OFFENSIVE OR JUST MAKES YOU UNCOMFORTABLE?
"Retard"... his son has autism.  Fair enough
Moist and/ or moisturizer... doesn't just hate the word(s) but the shape your mouth makes when you say it.  Frankly, it makes me moist!
'Nationality'... I love his point; thinks people are f**king retarded (no offense to the above guy) when Americans ask other Americans what their nationality is.  This might be the only country where that kind of thing happens. 
Works in customer service and hates being called "bud"
'Discharge'... like a lot of words, it depends on the connotation; a discharge from the military is entirely different than seeing a doctor because of an off- color discharge.  We're assuming he means the latter
Marriage... he's not married and doesn't like the sound of it
Throb... I didn't realize that I don't like this word until he said 'throb'
Hates it when another man calls him a 'bitch'... no offense, but if someone calls you a 'bitch', chances are, you're acting like one OR that person is begging to be punched in the face
Gumbo... blames his hatred of the word on me, who describes Ted's "Hot Tub Tuesday's" whith male friends as 'man- gumbo'
'Muffin top'... says it ruins muffins
Panties... makes him think of 'granny panties'
'Tasty'... I once worked for a chef who explained, "dog sh*t is 'tasty'... is it good or bad?"
Pasty... he happens to be pasty and is nicknamed Pasty Jake, so that's why he hates it... I just picture something pale and sticky
There were plenty of other words, but those are the ones that stuck out to me.
Did you know that the Rolling Stones have been around for 50 f**king years?!?  Well, they have been, so today we each picked our top two Stones songs.
Here's a link to our picks:
OK bitches, I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, I need a little room to breathe, so STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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06/19/2012 5:42PM
SHOW # 1520 JUNE 19 2012
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