SHOW # 1523 JUNE 22 2012

So, it finally happened last night; LeBron James and the Miami Heat finally won their coveted NBA title after took out the Clay Bennet Thunder 121 - 106 in Game 5 of the NBA Finals.  Sports media are tripping over themselves to gush about how UNselfish LeBron is... in spite of previously tripping over themselves to gush about very selfish LeBron is.  Now that he's won the championship, and was MVP to boot, they're kissing his ass.  Their 'opinions' have suddenly changed.  We'll just need you to ignore everything they ever said up until last night.  On that note, former vice- President Dick Cheney was the right- hand- man of a President who wanted to add a Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage.  To be fair, Big Dick never said he supported banning gay marriage, but he did say that he supported whatever policy the administration would pursue.  (???)  Well, his very lesbian daughter Mary got married today to her longtime partner in Washington DC today.  And the state Court of Appeals just overturned the conviction of LaTanya Clemmons.  LaTanya is the sister of cop- killer Maurice Clemmons, and she was convicted of rendering assistance to him via providing a getaway car.  Once again, opinions changed and that is today's question:  GOOD OR BAD, WHAT DID SOMEONE DO TO CHANGE YOUR OPINION OF THEM?
Justin Timberlake... used to hate him during his NSync days, but after multiple appearances on SNL, he likes him.  I'm in the same camp
An old friend threatened to kill him and his family over $200... that is a classic definition of 'over reacting'
His father is a Vietnam vet and was a psycho douche when he was growing up... got help and has come back to be a good grandfather... and father
Used to be a racist, but in high school he was prevented from getting his ass kicked by a group of black dudes by another black dude... changed his opinion and loves everybody now
Dave Chappelle... used to love him during his stand- up days and on his show, but has lost interest in him since he flaked out
Used to dislike Jennifer Aniston (probably from over exposure)... after a few decent roles in a few decent movies, he likes her
Used to think Kid Rock was a douche but after hearing a few interviews, he likes the guy... I'm the same way
Mel Gibson... like most of us, he thought Mel was a charismatic, well- mannered, funny guy... and like the rest of us, he discovered that Mel is an anti-Semitic f**king lunatic.  He actually makes lunatics look bad.
The Everett Police Department... he used to be a trouble maker and had several run- ins with Everett's finest, but 4 years ago he found out that his 2 kids were being molested.  Without recounting the whole story, let's just say that the EPD came to his rescue physically and emotionally during one of the worst times of his life.  Says he's never given them a problem since. 
OK bitches, the weekend is here, so I'm out.
Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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06/22/2012 6:11PM
SHOW # 1523 JUNE 22 2012
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