SHOW # 1528 JULY 2 2012

In a new survey, 70% of women believe that other women should stop wearing bikinis by age 39.  I'd argue that your WEIGHT and APPEARANCE have more to do with it... based on the evidence provided to me via bikini pictures of Stephanie Seymour and Snooki, but 7 out of 10 women believe AGE should be the determining factor on whether or not you rock the two- piece.  In a separate and completely unrelated survey, the folks at Pfizer sought to find out the average age at which we achieve the typical milestones; when we have our first kiss, financial independence from parents (yes, there really IS such a thing), when you start 'feeling' your age, etc.  And if you happen to be a woman who has the misplaced desire to marry Tom Cruise, you should know that you will file for divorce from him at age 33.  Katie Holmes is the latest, with Nicole Kidman and Mimi Rodgers blazing the trail before her.  Guess there theta goes south at that age.  I'm not sure what that means exactly, but somehow it works in this context.  Anyway, there are certain things we do, start doing, stop doing or prepare to do or stop doing by a certain age, so today we asked you to fill- in- the- blank:  BY AGE __________ YOU SHOULD EITHER START OR STOP DOING __________. 
If you choose not to go to college, you should be self- sufficient following high school
By 21, no more baggy, saggy pants... people have a real problem with the saggy jeans.  Personally, it's no different than any other 'current' fashion... my thing is, fashion is the pursuit of mediocrity; a way of telling people that you have no original thoughts.  The fashion industry counts on that to survive.  Think Uggs, Lucky Brand, Air Jordan’s, etc. 
He just turned 30 and his friends are telling him that he's too old to smoke weed now... I'm guessing that his friends have all given up on enjoying life.  Not saying you need weed to enjoy life, but, in my experience, the people who say things like that are the people who are already miserable with their life and want you to be miserable too.  I think we call these people 'women'
30... stop going to clubs
Believes that yoga pants are for people under the age of 16 or over the age of 30... like bikinis, I believe that yoga pants are for people who can pull off yoga pants without looking like melted candles
Believes that by age 22 you should start watching the news... I agree, but I also think that the 'news', local news in particular (in ANY city) could do a better job providing more information and less fluffy bullsh*t 
19- year- old believes you should stop being a douche after high school... we explained that high school is douche- lite and the "real" world (as it is inappropriately called) is filled with more douche bags than you can imagine
Her son didn't stop sucking his thumb until he was 7
At age 30, you should stop blasting the bass on your stereo... or at least listen to good music
We asked about tighy- whities- at what age do you stop wearing those things.  Miles made a strong point... at the age you are willing to show your underwear to other people (meaning, you become sexually active), you should stop wearing tighty- whities.  I happened to agree with that sentiment, but man, oh man, there are some strong opinions about tighty whities.  I'll leave it at that.
Until tomorrow, touch my money maker and STAY BEAUTIFUL."

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07/02/2012 5:34PM
SHOW # 1528 JULY 2 2012
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