SHOW # 1530 July 12 2012

The fact that Mel Gibson is a violent, anti- Semetic lunatic is not shocking to anyone.  About twice a year you can count on Melly- Mel to overreact to something trivial.  To be perfectly honest, his non-sensical tirades are infinitely more entertaining than any movie he's done since 'Mad Max at Thunder dome'.  Yea, I loved that movie.  Anyway, earlier this month, Mel's step- mother requested a restraining order against him because she, like pretty much everyone else that seems to know him personally, is scared to death of him after he threatened her following a family argument.  Anyone surprised?  Didn't think so.  Anyone surprised that Alec Baldwin had a 'dream' that he beat his ex- wife, Kim Basinger to death with a baseball bat?  Probably not.  By the way, I suspect his 'dream' is more akin to 'fantasizing', but I digress.  Alec also adds that he wanted to kill TMZ boss Harvey Levin after TMZ released the infamous "you're a rude, ungrateful little pig" voice mail he left his daughter.  He said, quote, "I wanted to stick a knife in him and gut him and kill him.  I wanted him to die breathing his last breath looking into my eyes."  Warm AND fuzzy.  We're just guess that at some point in your life, someone has had the same or very similar thoughts about you... for whatever reason.  We don't mean someone was mad at you and simply spouted some empty violent threat in your direction... we're talking about the time you thought you were in mortal danger because someone wanted to end your existence.  WHO ARE YOU CONVINCED WANTED TO OR WOULD LIKE TO KILL YOU?
Some guy ratted him out, then got beat up real bad and in the end, the guy threatened to kill him
Used to mess with a kid down the street... kid went ballistic eventually
Slept with a guy's mom... the guy was a dude he met in jail... not a good idea
His ex- wife... when she was his CURRENT wife, she tried to kill him by running him off the road while he was riding his motorcycle, slashing at his throat with a sword and bashing him in the back of the head with a cast iron skillet
Got in a fight with a woman who threatened to kill her... 2 weeks later, the woman attempted to make good on the threat, forcing our caller to kill the other woman in self- defense
A guy in Georgia actually took out a contract on him
I'm outta here, bitches.
Until tomorrow, suck it from the back and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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07/12/2012 5:57PM
SHOW # 1530 July 12 2012
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