SHOW # 1531 JULY 13 2012

So, Slash... yea, THAT Slash, joined us in studio today to talk about how incredibly awesome we are, and something about a show he's playing tonight at Showbox SoDo.  Here's a guy who has been voted one the single greatest guitar players of all time by MULTIPLE sources on multiple lists, has played with all manner of legends in music and, obviously, played in one of the most iconic rock bands of all time... but really, what Slash may best be remembered for is his top hat.  As we discussed yesterday, other than Abe Lincoln and Mr. Peanut, not a lot of people can wear a top- had AND be taken seriously.  Then there's Mike Tyson, a guy who dominated heavy weight boxing for years, but is universally recognized because of his face tattoo.  John Lennon and Ozzy, among other things, are known for their round shades, baseball great Randy Johnson is quickly recognized for his sweet, sweet mullet, .a.k.a., the Kentucky Waterfall.  Everyone is kinda known for something, whether it's your leather jacket, a certain tattoo, your hair, whatever, today we wanted to know:  WHAT IS YOUR TRADEMARK OR SIGNARATURE "THING"?
It should be noted that Slash is really f**king cool.  Not everyone who joins us for an interview is, but Slash definitely is.  Here's a guy with 25 years of hard- living rock and roll (meaning LEGITIMATE rock and roll) behind him, and he's very humble and down- to- earth.  Oddly enough, in spite of our question paying homage to his top- hat, he wasn't wearing a top- hat today... but I was. 
One of the things that follows Slash around is, obviously, the legacy of Guns and Roses and that odd man known as Axl Rose.  We didn't bother to ask him about Axl because everybody does, but he offered a few stories about him on his own.  Won't go into too much, but all you need to know is that, according to Slash, is that if Axl had an issue or a complaint, he would ALWAYS air it out on stage.  Kinda funny... if you didn't have to deal with the guy.
Anyway, it was cool.  Miles and I are monstrous fans of Slash and Guns and Roses from back in the day.  Miles pointed out to Slash that for guys like us (ages 42 and 43) 'Appetite for Destruction' was our album, our moment when we realized that rock didn't HAVE to suck.  That particular album and band defined a generation of rockers and I think this kinda took Slash off- guard... but you could see, well, WE could see, that that truth meant something to him. 
OK bitches, the weekend is upon us and I say we get crack- a- lackin'!
Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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07/13/2012 5:30PM
SHOW # 1531 JULY 13 2012
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