SHOW # 1536 JULY 23 2012

The big news today, as it has been all weekend, revolves around James Holmes and the mass shooting at the movie theatre in Colorado.  As you probably know, he shot about 70 people, killing 12 of them, including a 6- year- old girl.  He made his first court appearance earlier today and the news media is erect with excitement that they have a story like this to run with.  They're already preparing packages that deal with gun control, safety at movie theatres and whether movies and video games motivate people to violence.  It's already started and they couldn't be happier than to have a tragedy to exploit.  Truly shameful, but that's how they roll.  Also in the news are the sanctions taken against Penn State for their role in the 14 year cover- up of child rape ON CAMPUS at the hands of Jerry Sandusky.  Also, in case you didn't hear, Chris Wedes, a.k.a., JP Patches, died yesterday at the age of 84.  He was a Seattle fixture for 50 years and now he's gone.  Then there's some weirdness about Michael Jackson's mother, Sage Stallone, Katie Holmes, etc, etc.  Today's question:  WHAT STORY ARE YOU FOLLOWING AND WHAT'S YOUR TAKE ON IT?
JP Patches... wasn't 'following' him because there was nothing to follow, but after his death, he's now doing a lot of research on him, etc
The upcoming Olympics
The New Orleans Saints' 'bounty' scandal
Mitt Romney's tax returns... or more accurately, his LACK of a tax return.  The irony of Mitt's refusal to show his returns is that his father was actually the FIRST to show his tax returns as a Presidential hopeful.  Guess the apple CAN fall far from the tree
Vatican watching money on behalf of the Mob
The kid who went "missing" from his mother's car in Bellevue
The Anaheim Police Shooting... the shooting was bad enough (unarmed person) but the police response to the public response was worse
George Zimmerman/ Trayvon Martin... funny thing about Zimmerman is that everyone is wondering if or accusing him of being a racist.  Who cares?  He's a Goddman murderer.  When did that take a backseat? 
The "God" particle (the Higgs Boson)... I'm a super- nerd myself, so I'm all over this story too. 
The "Batman" shooting... wants to learn more about the guys who gave their lives to shield their girlfriends
Ichiro possibly being traded to the Yankees... he was, in fact, traded to the Yankees
A stabbing in Shelton that didn't make the news... he's pissed because it's not in the news, so, we're guessing it's personal
Linday Lohan... just her life in general... she's her favorite train wreck
The company 'Planet Resources'... the company that wants to mine asteroids for precious metals and the like
So we had Men's Room Day down at Emerald Downs yesterday and I wanna say about a thousand people showed up.  Literally.  It was a blast.  If you were there, you know the deal... drinking, conversation and general debauchery.  It's amazing to me the number of families that show up.  Lots and lots of kids listen to our show with their parent's blessing.  Cool.
OK bitches, I'm outta here.  Still recovering from yesterday.
Until tomorrow, shake it but don't break it, baby and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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07/23/2012 5:48PM
SHOW # 1536 JULY 23 2012
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