SHOW # 1540 JULY 27 2012

The opening ceremonies of the Olympics are currently under way... although we'll see them 3 hours later... and that means the 2012 Summer Olympics are officially under way.  That's right, all the archery, handball and equestrian events you can handle are coming your way.  Essentially, we will watch a bunch of people infinitely more gifted than us compete for their chance to be immortalized on a box of Wheaties.  Personally, I'd rather be immortalized on a box of Cap' N Crunch, but then, I kinda don’t do anything.   Thing about Olympic coverage now is that there's some long- winded story behind every athlete and the networks feel the need to share.  Basically those stories fall into one of two categories; they were naturally gifted and this is their chance to show the world OR no one thought they'd be able to compete and this is their chance to show the world.  So, not unlike most of us, some things come easy, some things required a lot of effort, and that leads to today's question:  WHAT DID YOU HAVE TO WORK HARD FOR AND WHAT CAME NATURALLY?
Learning to use his left hand was a struggle... unfortunately he lost his right hand when he was 42
Like almost everyone else today, math was a struggle, but singing comes easy
Math sucked, but mechanics came easily... which seems kinda strange
Medical training came easy to him, but struggled in high school with foreign language classes... AMEN to that. 
 Academics in general came easy to him, but he sucks at relationships.  Dude, EVERYBODY sucks at relationships
Good at wrestling, a real natural... talking to women and 'kicking game', not so much
Unlike most people today, math came easy but drawing was and is a struggle.  Thing is, his passion is to draw.  His dream is to draw well.
She found it easy to get knocked up at age 19... finding it difficult to conceive her second child at 24 with her husband
OK bitches, it's Fri- motherf**king- day!  Time to go pursue the weekend.
Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

07/27/2012 5:24PM
SHOW # 1540 JULY 27 2012
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