SHOW # 1546 AUGUST 6 2012

A teacher in Glasgow, Scotland... Mr. McGlone... has, apparently, taken A LOT of days off from work the last few years, and each time, he's had to come up with a new excuse.  Obviously, you start running out of excuses after a while, so when he took off most recently, he had to come up with a new excuse.  This time around he said he couldn't make it into work because he he'd RUN OVER AND KILLED a little girl.  The good news is, it wasn't true, but the magnitude of the claim made the school suspicious and Mr. McGlone was busted.  Believe it or not, Mr. McGlone wasn't arrested, he was reprimanded.  Everybody lies, of course.  In fact, a study from Notre Dame (the college, not the hangout of Quasimodo) just released a study that suggest that the average person lies 11 times a week.  Some lies are more significant than others; "Yes baby, you look fantastic in that dress" vs "I ran over and killed a kid, so I won't be in today".  Whatever- the- case, the average person lies almost a dozen times in 7 days (which, honestly, seems remarkably low) and, according to the study, is bad for your health.  According to the Notre Dame folks, whether you think about your lies or not, the stress of telling them, has a detrimental effect.  So what we're saying is, you're a liar and so is everyone you know.  WHAT IS THE BIGGEST LIE YOU HAVE TOLD OR HAS BEEN TOLD TO YOU?
Interesting day:
His brother says he went to Iraq while in the army on a secret mission... he didn't
A woman he knew ran the "I have cancer" scam for 4 months... she needed the attention
He stole his brother's car and got away with it
A friend of his used to say that his parents were dead... then they met his mother
At age 16, she convinced her mother that she was spending the night with a friend in Olympia... she actually went to San Francisco to see the Grateful Dead... and take copious amounts of drugs.
His ex stole $8000 in jewelry from his parents
Mom spent all of her college fund on a trip to the Bahamas.  Then, when she turned 18, her mom left for Costa Rica and hasn't been back since
Saw a homeless guy in a wheelchair jump out of the chair, chase a guy down and beat his ass.  We agreed that a wheelchair suggest that you CAN'T walk, while a motorized scooter says you CAN walk but are too lazy
His buddy passed out drunk and hit his face... they told the school he died.  Bit extreme
Her ex told her he was adopted and was Jewish... he was neither
His ex said that her dad molested her... he didn't
Ah bitches, I'm outta here.  Before I go, check out "Hipster Ted"!
Until tomorrow, back that ass up and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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08/06/2012 5:29PM
SHOW # 1546 AUGUST 6 2012
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