SHOW # 1548 AUGUST 8 2012

So, all day today, KISW was celebrating the music... the ROCK music... of the 1980's with a little thing we called "Dude... it's the 80's!"  There's a lot of talk about the cheesiness of the 80's, and deservedly so, but for a man like myself, reaching my teens and young adulthood, losing my virginity, discovering the joys of illicit narcotics and alcohol, the 80's were probably some of the best years of my life... which means some of the best times of my life are, rather unfortunately, defined by the era of the Brat Pack, "We Built This City" and the AIDS epidemic.  Oh well.  Inevitably, there are things that remind you of the good times... even if the reminder sucks.  If you're lucky, it doesn't, but either way, today's question:  WHAT SONG TAKES YOU BACK TO THE BEST TIMES OF YOUR LIFE?
"Another Brick in the Wall"... it was his father's favorite song and it reminds him of all the good times he had with him
Van Hagar's "Best of Both Worlds"... takes him back to the days of high school debauchery
"Boys Are Back in Town"... reminds him of riding bikes and finding trouble with his buddies in Louisiana
Anything from Ratt's "Out of the Cellar"... that summer, he and a buddy took a road trip in a '68 Camaro
Madonna's "Erotic' or 'Erotica' (don't remember, don't care... hate Madonna)... as a result of that album, he had a lot of sex with his girlfriend
"Love Bites" from Def Leppard, not Judas Priest... he was 17, dating the "best looking girl" he'd seen.  He's now married to her and points out that time has been kind... to HER.  Not him so much
"Linger" from the Cranberries... reminds her of being a '16- year- old, carefree hottie'. 
Crazy Town's "Butterfly"... he admits that the 'band' sucked and the song sucked, but it got him some ass, and THAT, ladies, is why we tolerate bad music
Van Halen I... she lost her virginity to "You Really Got Me"... I believe the song is under 3 minutes
I'm outta here.  Gonna jump in my time machine (a combination of a microwave oven, an old Atari console and, yes, a bitchin' DeLorean) and return to 2012.
Until tomorrow, pour some sugar on me and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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08/08/2012 5:33PM
SHOW # 1548 AUGUST 8 2012
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