SHOW # 1549 AUGUST 9 2012

Country singer Randy Travis was arrested Tuesday night on suspicion of driving under the influence... and threatening the arresting officers.  He was driving a Trans- Am (1999 model, if you care) and by the time cops caught up to him, he had driven off the road, through barricades and into construction zone.  He wasn't in the car anymore... he was laying on the ground naked.  Naturally, the media is all abuzz, wondering if Randy is in a downward spiral.  Yea, maybe, but he sings country music.  Doesn't he EMBODY what country music has always been about?  The way I see it, Randy is legit and everyone else (MOST everyone else) singing country is a phony.  Just sayin'.  Then there's Kris Jenner, mother of Kim Kardashian, who has come to define the consummate 'stage- mom'.  We know she's riding the large, bubbly, Kanye- semon covered coat- tails of Kim, who rose to fame because of a sex tape released in 2007.  If you don't remember, sex tapes used to be the way to break into that superficial universe known as 'reality stardom'.  Anyway, the word on the street is that Kris has been trying to pimp her voluptuous for years and years.  Turns out that, in spite of her denials to the contrary, Kris did, in fact, sign the contract with Vivid Entertainment to release the very sex tape that has led her to millions upon millions of dollars.  Makes me sick, but we all have our own parenting styles.  Then there's the belief that child stars grow up to become drugged- out, insufferable delinquents, a la Gary Coleman.  Looks like McCaully Caulkin is doing what he can to keep the belief alive.  Have you seen him lately?  Anyway, there's always someone who is the poster- child of what they represent, and today we wanted to know who you think fits the bill:  WHO DO YOU THINK BEST REPRESENTS THEIR STEROTYPE?
I know, I know, I'm suppose to write out some of today's more memorable answers, the show kinda descended into people we just don't like.  For whatever reason, people who drive Subaru's, male or female, seem to be the most hated.  Unless you actually drive a Subaru, you don't like people who drive Subaru's.  Who knew?
I'm outta here, bitches.  I need a drink or 800,000... and that's exactly what I'm gonna do.
Until tomorrow, you can't always get what you want, but you can STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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08/09/2012 5:33PM
SHOW # 1549 AUGUST 9 2012
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