SHOW # 1556 AUGUST 27 2012

Neil Armstrong died over the weekend, so did the original voice of 'The Count' from Sesame Street.  A kid in Baltimore (County) was shot on his first day of school... I always hated going back to school, but I never dealt with anything like that... a guy called 911 seven times in the hopes of convincing female officers to come over to his place and have sex with him (they came over, but he was arrested), a couple got into a fist- fight AT THEIR ORGY and a porn actor is claiming that Kim Kardashian's vagina is akin to a clown car... if you get my meaning.  Like every weekend, plenty of serious, stupid, ridiculous and WTF moments made the news and today we took the opportunity to talk about all of it with our random question.  Basically, you called, we asked you a random question and then we discussed the bit of news that inspired the question.
That's pretty much what happened today.  Well that, and I farted a lot.  I mean A LOT a lot.  Lots of beer and grilled food this weekend.  Turns out that's a volatile combination in my belly... and then my ass.
I'll leave you with that.
Until tomorrow, rock hard, ride free and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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08/27/2012 5:25PM
SHOW # 1556 AUGUST 27 2012
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