SHOW # 1561 SEPTEMBER 4 2012

Today we're talking names, as in nicknames and pet names which, oddly enough, seldom refers to pets.  No, pet names are the names we create for our significant others or our kids or whoever.  Pet names are so prevelant that only one- in- five people, 20%, actually call their partner by their actual name.  80% of us call our significant other something like 'sugar lips' or 'honey bunny' rather than, say, Diane.  On that note, we have the top 10 pet names that couples use but that women hate the most.  Most people prefer to keep their nicknames and pet names private, but we asked you to tell us anyway:  OTHER THAN YOUR REAL NAMES, WHAT IS THE COOLEST OR WORST NICKNAME YOU'VE HAD TO DEAL WITH?
Mother calls her 'monkey butt'... not sure why, but it leads me to believe that she's hairy all over EXCEPT her butt, like a monkey.  Probably wrong about that
Last name is Carr, so everyone used to call him 'automobile'
Boyfriend calls her 'Moose'... not because she's fat, but because she had a great 'rack'
"Doogie"... as in 'Howser' because he gambled (and lost) on a fart
"Jizz"... because it was similar to his last name.  There are worse ways to earn the nickname 'jizz'
His real name is Patrick Stewart... everyone called him Picard
Red Bull... redhead with a short fuse
"Sugar Hooker"... does it matter why anyone calls her Sugar Hooker?
Slim Jim... lost 114 pounds... and his name is Jim
Dr. Giggles... laughs like a hyena
Speedometer... his initials are MPH
Gimpy... one leg is shorter than the other
We're 44 days without rain here in the Seattle metropolitan area (which is f**king awesome) so Jolene presented us with not just the top 10 songs about rain, but also brought three "bonus" tracks. 
Here's the link:
OK bitches, I'm off to eat leftover pulled pork.  Yeaaaaa.
Until tomorrow, check it twice and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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09/04/2012 5:23PM
SHOW # 1561 SEPTEMBER 4 2012
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