SHOW # 1566 SEPTEMBER 11 2012

Odds of getting struck by lightning:  1 in 576,000
Odds of failing a grade in school:  1 in 20
Odds of being attacked by a shark:  1 in 11.5 million  (although my father makes the argument that those odds drop to 0% if you stay out of the water)
Odds of being attacked by a bear:  1 in 1.9 million
Odds of hitting a hole- in- one:  1 in 5000... 1 in 2 million if you're me
Odds of being in a car accident:  1 in 67
Odds of all passengers on a flight turning off their phones when ordered to do so:  1 in 100 QUADRILLION.  That's a 1 with 17 zeroes after it.
He has 4 kids, been married for 7 years AND he's happy... yea, you read that right
His mother got pregnant with him while she was on the pill... he also learned to walk before he could crawl.  Somewhat cool, somewhat creepy
One of five people on Earth to be diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that effects the throat and stomach.  He's now one of thirty people on Earth with it.
Has hit a hole- in- one AND bowled several perfect games
Caught a rare auto- immune disease... was the first person in the state to get it
Swears that he can't burp on purpose or by accident (???)  Is that possible?  Would his head explode in a bubbly cloud if he guzzled a Coke?
Was born on Friday the 13th... was raised on Elm Street.  Points out that they are not a fan of horror movies
His cerebellum (the part of the brain at the back of your head that controls motor skills, etc) started getting eaten away... doctors had to remove 90% of it
He's a redhead... they make up only 2% of the population
He got chicken pox... THREE TIMES
Bitten by a lion when she was 19
We also discussed shark orgies, whale parties and giant metal butt- spiders.  You had to be there. 


Today Jolene came by with a list of the top 10 bass lines in rock music. Here's the link so you can scream at your computer "WHY WASN'T ______ ON THAT STUPID LIST?!!!!"

OK bitches, I'm outta here. 
Until tomorrow, welcome to the jungle and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

09/11/2012 5:50PM
SHOW # 1566 SEPTEMBER 11 2012
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10 Bass lines in rock - Joy Division
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