SHOW # 1574 SEPTEMBER 18 2012

A man from the Central Pacific Island of Kiribati was adrift in the ocean for 106 days!  His- brother- in- law died of dehydration about 6 weeks into the ordeal, and he spent the next two- and- a- half alone on a 15- foot wooden boat wondering if he'd die.  He didn't.  What does he credit for saving his life?  A 6- foot shark.  Seriously.  This guy swears that the shark "led" him to the fishing vessel that eventually plucked him from the water.  Meanwhile, in Cleveland, a guy got a flat tire and pulled over to change it.  Another driver saw him and parked behind him to help him fix it.  The crazy part is that the guy with the flat figured out that this same Good Samaritan had helped him 8 years earlier when he'd gotten a fish hook stuck in his hand.  And earlier this year in England, a dog was home alone when it started choking... and that's why it dialed 911 (999) and saved itself.  Seriously.  Sometimes, rescue or assistance comes from surprising places.  That is the point of today's non- question:  IN A MILLION YEARS, I NEVER THOUGHT _________ WOULD HELP ME?
For me, the answer is male- pattern baldness.  Like anyone, I wasn't delighted to start losing my hair (especially when you have dreads) but eventually I accepted my fate and just shaved my head.  At that moment, women decided that they wanted to touch my head and chat me up.  Best thing that ever happened.  Yeaaaaa.
As for you:
Drugs, heroin in particular... now that he's recovering, he's been able to help others
Time- Life books... when he was in prison, he used a Time- Life book to block a shank!
Weed... it helps his headaches.  Helps mine too, my man.
Alcohol... helped her quit smoking.  (???)  Locked herself in her room for 3 days and drank.  If she wanted a cigarette, she'd do a shot.  Somehow, she did not become an alcoholic, but she did quit smoking
Quitting weed... smoked for 15 years and stopped about 2 years ago.  Says it cleared his head and he's gotten motivated enough to get a "great" job.  Alien to me, but it worked for him.
His emergency brake... like most people, he never used the thing, but one day he started spinning on black ice; pulled the e- brake and avoided hitting any other cars
The military... he was getting into drugs after college
The federal government... generally speaking, the feds are a hapless collection of criminals, ideologues and fools... and they are, but as this guy has fallen on hard times, the feds (meaning US, the tax payer) are helping him get through it.
As she does every Tuesday, Jolene joined us for another installment of Sit and Spin.  Today we all felt old together as we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the release of the movie 'Singles'.  Well, we didn't really celebrate the movie as much as we did the movie's bad- ass soundtrack. 
Here's a link:
OK bitches, gotta go do some stuff.
Until tomorrow, granite for your hooter and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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09/18/2012 5:33PM
SHOW # 1574 SEPTEMBER 18 2012
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