SHOW # 1580 OCTOBER 1 2012

A one- armed, one- legged man in a wheelchair armed with an ink pen is gunned down by police in Houston.  Share chores, get a divorce.  Like eggs?  If you do, we now know something about you.  Jack white plays at Radio City Music Hall in New York City and walks off- stage 45 minutes early because he's a spoiled douche.  Beef... it's what's for dinner in America... and we like it that way.  Your blonde wife just might be a whore.  Then again, if you're a guy with brunette hair, you just might be a whore too.  The Who guitarist Pete Townsend isn't gay... but if he was, he admits that he'd wanna sample the man- tastic loins of Mick Jagger.  I'm not gay either, but if I were, Mick Jagger would NOT be the guy I'd wanna be with.  These are some of the stories that caught our attention this past weekend.  so many stories, so many questions.  Today was the Monday Men's Room Random Question:  you called us, we asked you a random question based on one of our random stories.
As is the case most Mondays, it's a little difficult to really explain what we asked and the answers we got in return... so I won't bother.  One amazing discovery we made today was based on 'the most comprehensive international study of the human penis ever'... seriously.  Why would make that up?  anyway, seems that stereotypes are true; out of 117 countries, ranked on penis size, American came in 97th place.  We're not packing much heat in our collective pants.  Meanwhile, countries like the Sudan, the Congo, Ecuador, Venezuela, and other 'warm' places were 1 - 10.  Although, Iceland made the cut too.  Go figure.  As far as the (few) countries that ranked less endowed than us (and there weren't many) all of them except one were in Asia.  Like I said, stereotypes sometimes prove to be true. 
I'll leave you with that nugget of important information. 
Bitches, it's been swell.
Until tomorrow, hit me with it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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10/01/2012 6:02PM
SHOW # 1580 OCTOBER 1 2012
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