SHOW # 1581 OCTOBER 2 2012

Not sure what to make of this story; is Taylor Swift a sweet girl, a complete idiot or subtly malicious?  You decide.  See, there was an online contest in Boston promising the winner an on- campus performance by the grammy- winning singer.  Internet pranksters voted for the Horace Mann School for the Deaf... because all of the students are deaf, see?  Well, Taylor heard about this and decided to give concert tickets to each student.  Did I point out that they're DEAF?  Meanwhile, in Chicago, a small plane pilot loaded up his girlfriend and gave her an arial tour of the Windy City.  Seemed quite romantic... until he told her that all of the controls were dead and they were gonna crash.  The good news is, he was joking.  He was setting her up for a marriage proposal.  She said 'yes', but we think it might be because she was trapped in a plane with a lunatic.  And in Michigan, a high school girl named Whitney Kropp was picked as her school's Homecoming Queen, but she soon found out it was a prank by some school bullies.  Once the story got out, the community rallied around her, donated a dress, shoes and a trip to a spa.  All of these particular pranks have a happy ending, but not all pranks do.  Today we wanted to know:  WHAT WAS THE PRANK AND HOW DID IT END?
Put a dead pig in a box and gave it to his English teacher before he graduated... couldn't walk with his class at graduation.  Oddly enough, I tried to avoid walking with my class because I hated everybody and that's not where you get your diploma, so, from my point of view, it was a meaningless exercise... still feel that way.  My parents felt differently and I walked with my class
Put frozen fish in the shower drains of his college dorms
Put Ex-Lax in his bosses coffee... they were repairing a bridge and there were no Porta- Potty's around
On a football trip, he and his friends filled a toilet in ice and then all FOURTEEN of them took a dump on top of it... took 12 hours for all the ice (and poop) to go away
Pooped in a bag and put it under a friend's bed
Used to put Paas Easter Egg Dye in people’s shower heads
Used to work at a movie theater, and at the end of the night they had to gather up all of the unsold popcorn and get rid of it... they filled a guy's convertible with it.  Not the worst problem to have.  Movie popcorn is delicious
Bought 15 alarm clocks from the dollar store (for $15, I'm guessing) and placed them all over his friend's apartment and set them off every 30 minutes starting at midnight
Released 3 greased pigs in the hallways of his high school... the pigs were labeled #1, #2 and #4.  People spent a lot of time looking for #3
The CD turned 30- years- old yesterday (and no one bought it a card) so to celebrate the death of analog recording and the debut of clipped audio, we all submitted the first CD's we ever purchased and/ or were given.  Somewhat embarrassing, somewhat nostalgic, but mostly embarrassing.  Check it out for yourself:
Do you have a Men's Room Red shirt?  No?  Neither do any of us, but you know who does?  Ben's Polish Uncle.  Seriously.  He was in town a little while ago and was adorned with a glorious Men's Room Red T- Shirt.  Thing is, we have some pictures of him and in none of them is he in Seattle; he's rocking the shirt in Gdnask Poland... spreading some barley joy.  You'll notice that the man NEVER changes his expression in any of the pictures, and that's what makes him awesome. 


OK bitches, I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, disorder and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"


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10/02/2012 5:33PM
SHOW # 1581 OCTOBER 2 2012
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