SHOW # 1587 OCTOBER 10 2012

In Ohio, a 16- year- old girl has been charged with murder after she got into a fight with another 16- year- old girl who died from her injuries.  A group of adults, including the victim's step- father, stood around the whole time and without intervening.  The thing is, the two girls started fighting because the victim started teasing the suspect after the suspect farted.  One thing led to another (which is always inevitable) and the situation went from passing gas to murder.  There's no shortage of stories that end tragically, in spite of starting with something irrelevant.  Murder as the end result of a fart is a fine example of this.  We don't think you've killed anyone over flatulence, but we know you've been in a situation that has escalated from something stupid:  WHAT IS THE DUMBEST THING YOU'VE EVER GOTTEN INTO A FIGHT OR ARGUMENT ABOUT?
He and his ex- wife got into an argument over an egg sandwich... he wanted a SCRAMBLED egg sandwich but he got a FRIED egg sandwich
Toilet paper... his aunt would use an entire roll every time she took a dump.  Makes you wonder how much sh*t this woman expels at one time
Had his life threatened over $200... not just his life, but his family's too
Ex found a hair from a Halloween wig that SHE bought AND wore... assumed that he cheated on her
Knocked on a door looking for a friend... wrong house... ended up in a fight
He CONSIDERED buying a Harley and his wife freaked out
He was out of work for a few weeks, finally got back to work and now his wife is pissed because she has to clean
She and her husband got into an argument that ended up involving about 30 people.  The argument?  What is the correct spelling of 'turd'.  It was 'turd' vs 'terd'
I'll leave you with that.  By the way, I think 'turd' is spelled 'turd'.
Until tomorrow, eat your eggs and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

10/10/2012 5:37PM
SHOW # 1587 OCTOBER 10 2012
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