SHOW # 1591 OCTOBER 17 2012

So a guy from Everett is extremely allergic to diary.  We're not talking 'drink a glass of eggnog and fart for 48 hours' (like your's truly) we're saying that he has SEVERE allergic reactions if he's in proximity to the dairy protein.  To ease his stress, he smoked weed.  Problem is, he doesn't have a medical card for weed, so he ended up getting busted for possession.  He missed his court date and a warrant was issued for his arrest.  At his mother's urging, he turned himself in... and died that night in his cell... after being given dairy.  Yep.  Meanwhile, Turkey Hill, a dairy company, is recalling 1200 cartons of mint- chocolate chip ice cream because it contains 'undeclared' coconut... so people with allergies are at risk of serious or life- threatening reactions if they eat it.  Sunland Inc, a New Mexican food company, has recalled about 400 peanut- related products because of it's link to a salmonella outbreak.  And the Consumer Product Safety Commission just seized more than 1000 pirate costumes made in China but headed to Seattle because they contained ELEVEN TIMES the allowable level of lead.  Food allergies, food poisoning, hay- fever, gluten, commitment... some of us have bad reactions to these things and today we wanted to hear your story:  WHAT ARE YOU ALLERGIC TO, OR WHAT HAVE YOU HAD AN ADVERSE REACTION TO?
She says she's allergic to Buffalo Sauce, but oddly enough, she's not allergic to any of the ingredients that make Buffalo sauce
Certain chemicals, but those chemicals are relegated to soap and shampoo... so he's really dirty and gross.  No, actually, he has to buy specific (and more expensive) stuff
Allergic to antibiotics... which is kinda ironic
Alcohol... started with wine and now it's progressed to all forms of alcohol.  I recommended he start drinking hand- sanitizer and other "Florida cocktails"
She's allergic to soap, peanuts, pollen and dust
Discovered that he's allergic to chocolate after enjoying a big, fat slice of Chocolate Swiss Mousse Cheesecake
After eating almonds for over 20 years, she developed an allergy to them
Shellfish... spent 4 days out of 5 day cruise in a medical center after eating a few small pieces of shrimp
Pumpkin... can't even touch it.  Discovered this last year when he was attempting to carve a Jack- O- Lantern... his hands started to get red, get itchy and then about 3 layers of skin peeled off.
Aloe- Vera... blew her nose in one of those 'lotioned' tissues and broke out in every way possible
In Iraq he had to eat a half- cooked goat... got some kinda parasite and now, 4 years later, he still has messed up guts.  4 years later he still hasn't had a solid bowel movement.  Now you know
Allergic to Axe body- spray
Jolene brought us the top 'clapping songs'.  If you're not sure what I mean. 
Until tomorrow, shake it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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10/16/2012 6:02PM
SHOW # 1591 OCTOBER 17 2012
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10/17/2012 1:00PM
Hola! My daughter is allergic to any kind of orange or red coloring in soaps, shampoos etc. while I am only allergic to seasonal blooms, easy to control the symptoms, but I have a severe allergy to Codine, broke out in golf ball sized hives from taking tylenol 3. I Never have been a fan of anything dairy, and come to find out it is due to my blood type (A neg) (after a childhood of stomache problems), so now I really stay away from everything dairy except for the occasional ice cream (loves my ice cream) I can deal with the symptoms when ice cream is involved lol! Allergies just SUCK, but you learn to live with it. Thanks for listening! (reading) Love your show!!! New fan since this year! Keep it Real Guys! NW Mama
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