SHOW # 1593 OCTOBER 18 2012

So, word has it that OJ Simpson kept the knife he (didn't) use to kill Nichole Brown and Ron Goldman about 20 years ago.  Additionally, it seems he now plans to sell the knife to some creepy memorabilia collector for FIVE MILLION DOLLARS.  Keep in mind, according to OJ, he didn't do... didn't kill anyone... so it's odd that he'd have the murder weapon, yes?  Hell, he even wrote a book called "IF I Did It", detailing how he would have committed the murders if, you know, he'd actually been the killer.  Yep.  You know who else didn't do anything?  Lance Armstrong.  Just ask him and he'll explain to you that the overwhelming evidence and testimony of 11 of 13 teammates, Armstrong maintains that he never, ever doped his blood during his professional cycling days.  Sure.  Anyway, this leads to today's question:  IF YOU "DIDN'T" DO IT, WHAT IS IT THAT YOU "DIDN'T" DO?
Currently being blamed for stealing money from his job... not just money, but the whole safe was stolen.  He claims that he really didn't have anything to do with it
Got blamed for peeing in his CO's coffee when he was in the Navy
He did not, repeat NOT wreck his parent's car
In spite of shooting fireworks at his brother, he maintains that it was the wind that blew them in his direction
He didn't have sex with his wife's sister... he really didn't... it was her cousin
He didn't knock over the old Packers fan at the Seahawks game... still got banned from the Clink
The most intriguing call of the day/ month/ year was from a guy named Greg.  He was on DEATH ROW for FIFTEEN YEARS IN CALIFORNIA from 1985 to 2000.  Thanks to DNA evidence, he was exonerated and released.  I can't do his story justice, but it was an incredible story
OK bitches, I've gotta roll.
Until tomorrow, wiggle it a little and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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10/18/2012 5:35PM
SHOW # 1593 OCTOBER 18 2012
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