SHOW # 1596 OCTOBER 24 2012

According to the Internet Watch Foundation, 88% of homemade porn ends up getting posted online.  The rub is that the majority of the time it gets posted WITHOUT the people who made it knowing about it.  Apparently, websites known as 'parasites' get info from hacked accounts, stolen phones and, of course, angry exes.  So the next time you click the 'amateur' tab on your favorite porn site, that person or people may or may not know about it.  Oh, and you know how you have to create a password for virtually EVERYTHING you do online?  Well, get creative... don't be lazy... because we have a list of the top 20 most hacked passwords... and all of them are deserving of being hacked.  We're talking to YOU 'QWERTY' and '123123' and 'monkey'.  And in the Midwest somewhere, an ungrateful 12- year- old girl found out the hard way that parents have the ability to humiliate you at any moment... when you deserve it.  They posted stupid pictures of THEMSELVES on her Facebook wall.  Naturally, the daughter is mortified.  HOW HAS THE INTERNET DONE YOU WRONG?
Had some nude photos of himself go online thanks to a woman he was dating who decided to send them to a website without him knowing
In high school he'd watch porn on his phone... all was good until his parents got a $300 bill.  The worst part was explaining why it was so much money
His crazy ex stalked his NEW girlfriend via Facebook
Got his World of Warcraft account hacked... they stole all of his stuff in exchange for virtual gold.
Went to show her mother some Christmas gifts she'd ordered online... instead, a bunch of her husband's porn popped up
His new house was broken into, the thief got bank info and opened several new accounts.  A year and a half later he's STILL dealing with it.  Banks
Didn't realize his webcam was on WHILE he was masturbating
Lost his Skype connection just as a girl was stripping for him
Shot a video where it looked like he'd died at his computer.  It was just a little funny 'haha' for his friends.  Problem was, he forgot to take down the repeating loop before going out of town for a week, so no one could get in contact with him, thus, leading his friends to call the police.  Things eventually got cleared up, but it caused a lot of trouble
OK bitches, we've got New Originals practice tonight for our upcoming show this Saturday at Snoqualmie Casino with Queensryche.  You should come join the festivities.  What else are you doing?
Until tomorrow, suck it from the back and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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10/24/2012 5:39PM
SHOW # 1596 OCTOBER 24 2012
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