SHOW # 1597 OCTOBER 25 2012

Pretty much everyone likes sex, but most of us (men) can't guarantee we'll get laid every time we want to.  It's why porn exists and masturbation never dies.  That being said, the folks at Spotify want to help you out.  They commissioned a study to find out what songs are most likely to get people in the mood for sweaty fun.  The #1 song for both men and women was "Time of My Life" from the "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack.  I find that impossibly difficult to believe, as that song makes me wanna attack puppies, but that was the big winner.  It should be noted that the study confirmed something we already know:  men are willing to "adjust their musical tastes" to improve their chances of getting some hummina- hummina- meow- meow.  No kidding.  Meanwhile, the folks at the University of Michigan took the time to figure out the odds of you getting laid just by cuddling on the couch.  It's not worth it.  You have a 17% chance of hooking up by cuddling.  Today we wanted to know:  WHAT CAN YOU DO TO GUARENTEE THAT YOU'LL GET SOME ACTION AND WHAT CAN YOU DO TO GUARENTEE THAT YOU WON'T?
Vodka works on his current gal.  I'd make sure to always have vodka on hand
Tells girls that he's in a band (which he is) but does not mention that he is the bass player
If the kids are asleep, all is good
Somehow, watching horror movies used to get his (ex) lady in the mood
Tequila... yea, I created a kid that way
Cooking dinner... he's a trained chef, so it works for him
Guys will always express interest in her when she HASN'T shaved her legs
He pretends that he's had a bad day at work and his girl "services" him
Sends her dirty texts all day... by the time he gets home, she's ready
On and on it went.  Basically, guys have to get crafty to get laid while women just say they wanna have sex.  We knew that, but today confirmed it.
OK bitches, I've gotta hit the road... Jack.
Until tomorrow, pass it to the left and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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10/25/2012 5:34PM
SHOW # 1597 OCTOBER 25 2012
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