SHOW # 1604 MOVEMBER 6 2012

The Presidential election is today, as is the Governor's election (here in WA state) as well as a multitude of Congressional seats and countless referendums; gay marriage, pot legalization, etc.  After the inevitable lawsuits, recounts and accusations, there will be winners.  That's what elections are all about.  The only real losers in all of it are us, who have to endure all of this crap.  However, most of us do get the occasional win in life.  We're not talking about beating your friend in darts (unless you happen to be blind and they are not), we're talking about the fact that you are ugly (sorry to be the one to tell you), broke and fairly obnoxious, but your wife is "California 10" AND is devoted to you.  If you're a guy who is divorced and you won custody of your children, you've won.  Maybe you landed your dream job in spite of your dubious qualifications or maybe you found an 8th of weed on the sidewalk.  Hell, maybe the cops found an 8th of weed on YOU but let you keep and gave you "get otta here, punk".  Or maybe you're like Charlie Sheen and at any given moment you're simply in the act of winning.  Today we wanted to know:  IN YOUR LIFETIME, WHAT WOULD YOU SAY IS YOUR BIGGEST WIN?
Helping a friend survive a heart attack
Went undefeated in a three person dart tournament... which is funny since we stated that we're not talking about beating a friend in darts, but what can you do
Her win is the fact that she can walk... she was born with Spina bifida- which I'm pretty sure I didn't spell right, which is proof that I don't have it
Hit $12,000 on slots
Got laid on Thursday, had a threesome on Friday and found himself in a 4- way on Saturday.  To be fair, he pointed out that these women were about a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10
Won a design contest and had his art on the tour t- shirts of a national band, the Lumineers
Became a homeowner 6 months ago
Still married to his high school sweetheart after 20 years... he adds that she is bi- curious, which has allowed him to participate in multiple three- ways
Was offered a full ride to Oklahoma City University for baseball just last week
His big win?  Earned the rank of Eagle Scout WITHOUT being molested
His big win happened 3 years ago when he got rid of his wife of 15 years
Won a Guitar Center sweepstakes to see Rush AND win a Geddy Lee bass... as a bass player, I can sure you that Geddy's signature bass is f**king bad- ass
Beat brain cancer
Unlike most weeks, we actually played some NEW music for your personal consumption.  Here's the link to today's tasty and not- so- tasty morsels:
OK bitches, time to go home and watch election results. 
Until tomorrow, cast your ballot and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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11/06/2012 6:11PM
SHOW # 1604 MOVEMBER 6 2012
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