SHOW # 1605 NOVEMBER 7 2012

So, in addition to yesterday's Presidential election, we had a Governor's race here in Washington.  Even though not all of the ballots have been counted, it seems that Democrat Jay Inslee has been named the big winner.  Whatever.  Last night, he prepared to deliver his acceptance speech, and that moment he opened his crooked and mildly mushy mouth to speak, he was pre- empted (on TV, at least) by the acceptance speech of President Obama, who was elected to a second term.  Virtually no one heard Inslee's speech, except those with the misfortune of being there in person... and they were annoyed because on both sides of Inslee's podium, there were giant monitors broadcasting Obama... and they couldn't hear it.  Some of them went so far as to keep pointing at the monitors, in an effort to shush the new Governor, but he wouldn't be deterred.  Not the best start to his term, but what can you do?  Last week, Aerosmith were guests on one of the network morning "news" shows, and in addition to later dropping an 'F- bomb', Steven Tyler shouted "Gooooood Morning, America!", which is customary for guests on 'Good Morning, America'.  The problem was that he and the band were on the 'Today' show.  Everyone TRIES to make a good first impression, but every- so- often, we fail, and we fail miserably.  Today's question:  DESPITE YOUR BEST INTENTIONS, HOW DID YOU STUMBLE OUT OF THE GATE?
When Miles and I interviewed for this job here at KISW, we flew across the country from Baltimore and met our future boss (Sgt. Hairclub) and another higher- up at some seafood restaurant.  Problem was, we showed up f**king HAMMERED.  It was obvious, we admitted to it... and got the job.  Not sure how or why that happened, but it did, and here we are. 
Aw, sorry bitches, got a little distracted today.  Apologies all around.  Well, ALMOST all around.
Until tomorrow, flash your stache and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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11/07/2012 5:26PM
SHOW # 1605 NOVEMBER 7 2012
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