SHOW # 1606 MOVEMBER 8 2012

My father- in- law smoked for years.  In fact, he and I would sit at the kitchen table and shoot the sh*t while choking down Marlboro reds.  Then he had a stroke, and his days of puffing came to an abrupt end.  Our very own Thee Ted Smith was a soda- guzzling, burger- chomping fool a few years back... ballooning up to 360 pounds.  As of today he's 227 pounds.  Why did he start working out and dieting?  In his own words, he wanted to have sex with girls... the best reason of all.  And now we get word out of England that one- third of men between the ages of 35 to 60 can't see their own penis.  Their bellies are too big.  One THIRD!  Not trying to preach, but if you can't see your pride and joy, lose weight, make a change to something in your life.  A life- change isn't always health- related, of course.  Maybe you landed that dream (desk) job and you finally cut off your sweet mullet and bought a suit, or you had a kid and you decided to stop drinking like a fish.  I haven't, but maybe you have.  Maybe you spent some time in the big house, and upon your release you realized that life on the outside is the life you prefer.  Today we wanted to know:  WHAT WAS THE TRIGGER FOR YOUR CHANGE OF LIFESTYLE?
Did a lot of coke and heroin through the 70's, 80's and 90's... managed to have 8 kids with 4 different women and finally decided to sober up.  has custody of one of kid (7 years old) and even adopted another kid (because you can never have too many kids)
Quit Meth because his wife was gonna kick him out, so he switched to booze, but that had a major impact on his health (both physical and mental) so now he just smokes weed and has a normal job
Stopped drinking when he realized that it led to flashbacks of combat in Iraq
His wife kicked him out and lost his 3 kids... then he came out of the closet and is enjoying a life of being himself
Fell off of the top level of the Kitsap jail and broke his hip... decided to sober up AND avoid jail
Started exercising and eating right after he barely fit into the chair at a restaurant
Stopped drinking and driving after drinking, driving and crashing
Her daughter forbade her from seeing her grandson if she continued to drink... as you've probably guessed, she quit drinking
"Sister's fat, brother is an unemployable idiot, dad lives in a trailer"... as a result, he owns his own business
Couldn't figure out the weird sound they were hearing in the shower... turns out that her ass had gotten so big that her butt cheeks squeaked when they rubbed together when they're wet.  Diet started immediately
After getting a divorce, he stopped sitting on the sofa watching TV and started going out and enjoying life again
Was in a motorcycle club and spent some time in jail... when he got out, a "friend" from the club shot him execution- style in the back of the head.  No longer part of a motorcycle club
OK bitches, I'm outta here like Vladimir.  I don't know who Vladimir is or what he did when he left, but I'm out like he is.
Until tomorrow, slip, slide and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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11/08/2012 5:31PM
SHOW # 1606 MOVEMBER 8 2012
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