SHOW # 1614 MOVEMBER 28 2012

So there was a house fire in Renton.  Firefighters managed to put out the flames in about 15 minutes and then went inside to make sure no one was hurt.  There was no one home, but they did stumble upon a marijuana grow operation.  As we understand it, the homeowner may be out- of- state at the moment, but they will, no doubt, be coming home to trouble.  Not to be outdone, police in Olympia responded to gunshots at a home, only to discover that the guy who lived there ALSO had a grow operation.  His operation was protected by TWO five- foot alligators... which the cops discovered when they walked into the room they were in.  The guy also had a floor- to- ceiling stripper pole, but more than that, he had A STRIPPER too.  That is tremendous!  Most of us have something in our home that we choose not to show off to the public at large, whether it's a bond, our porn collection or the collection of sex toys.  Nevertheless, all of us have been to someone's house and caught a glimpse of something we shouldn't have seen, and that's what we wanted to talk about today:  WHAT DID YOU SEE AT SOMEONE ELSE'S HOUSE THAT YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE SEEN?
He went to his buddy's house and walked in as the parents were having loud sex.  Loud sex = good sex
He works in pest control and a woman called to have him check out the house for whatever.  After he arrives, the woman calls her husband to let him know that the exterminators were there.  The husband leaves work early and comes speeding home... but not before the exterminator discovered hubby's stash of gay porn and gay toys in the crawl space in the basement.  Husband was mortified, but the exterminator said nothing about it... didn't need to.  It was understood
When he was in the NAVY, he stumbled upon 2 guys having sex with each other in a stairwell
Went over to his friend's house and his friend had a set of anal beads hanging from his ceiling... his buddy had no idea what they were.  He'd found them in his mother's room
At a party, went to the garage to see if there was more beer... walked into a meth lab
Her friend's single dad owned a giant strap- on... wasn't supposed to see it
Recently met his new neighbors (well, soon- to- be neighbors) and they invited he and his wife in... huge "fist sized" pile of cocaine was on the table with straws at the ready
At his ex's house (before she was his ex) found 5 members of her family smoking crack in the bathroom
OK bitches, I'm outta here.  Going to dinner somewhere.  Don't know where, don't care as long as they have beer. 
Until tomorrow, flex it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

11/28/2012 5:29PM
SHOW # 1614 MOVEMBER 28 2012
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11/29/2012 12:29AM
Things I've seen/heard that I wish I hadn't!!
To The Men's regards to "something I've seen in someone else's house" that I wish I hadn' sitting for a friend and on the floor of the main bathroom...their teenage daughter's "time of the month soiled" panties...I was there for nine days...tried to cover them with the shower curtain but it wasn't long enough...I just didn't turn on the light so I wouldn't have to see them! Don't bother about reading this on the air my buddy might be listening... One thing you can read on the air...I was a sophomore in hs...came home at 4am...sneaking down the hallway to my room when I hear my mom, in her room with her boyfriend at the time, yelling out, "HURT ME, HURT ME!!"...I was mortified to inaction...not knowing what to do, I woke my sister, had her go flush the toilet so I could continue sneaking down the hall without being heard! I tell you...scarred for LIFE!! from... Bone in Orting... ROCK ON BITCHES!!!
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