SHOW # 1618 DECEMBER 4 2012

So, comedian Katt Williams has had quite the eventful few days here in Seattle.  He missed one of three scheduled performances at the Paramount Theatre, got arrested in connection with a fight at a bar (which included pool cues and cigarette butts) and he's been kicked out of 4 different area hotels since he's been in town.  He's been here about 6 days.  It's at the point that he's offered to pay over 300 thousand dollars so that he and his family can stay on a Washington State ferry... the Rhododendron, if you care.  He'll probably be kicked off of the ferry too.  Katt, being out of his mind as of late, partially blames his troubles on being black.  That, however, wouldn't explain why Nick Lachey, a Cincinnati native and Bengal's fan, was kicked out of the Bengal's/ Charger's game this past Sunday.  Nick was "asked" to leave for 'trash talking'.  Every sporting event is rife with trash talk, so we're just assuming that Nick's version was profanity- laced and carried on breath that reeked of booze.  Just an assumption... but a solid one, I'm sure.  Anyway, there's a big difference between being told to leave and actually being 'escorted' out, and that is today's question:  WHY WERE YOU ESCORTED OFF THE PREMISES?
Thrown out of Bumbershoot because she was caught selling weed... not smoking, but SELLING weed
23rd birthday, he got to sing on stage with Dee Snyder, stage dove, hit the floor and got thrown out
Playing Texas Hold 'Em at a local casino, lost about $1200 in one hand... he was OK with that, but it was the winner who started talking sh*t that made him angry enough to, basically, jump over a table and try to kick the guy's ass.  He was immediately escorted out
Thrown out of a bar on Halloween after getting caught having sex with some chick in the ladies room.  I've always argued that that's the BEST reason to be thrown out of anywhere
Made it backstage at a Van Halen concert in 1987... problem was, he wasn't invited back stage, so when the band finished playing and discovered him making sandwiches and drinking beer, he was quickly 'removed' from the premises
Got thrown out of a Kenny Chesney concert after a woman falsely accused him of grabbing her boob.  As he was being escorted out, his wife confronted the wo0man and said something to the effect of, "You wanna be touched inappropriately?" and then punched her in the face.  Brilliant. 
Got drunk at a bar (not- so- shocking) but with his drunkenness came impatience, so after waiting too long for a refill, he poured his own beer... and was quickly removed
Thrown out of a strip club for turning down a lap dance.  Same thing happened to me in Alaska.  WTF?!?
Climbed on top of a stuffed grizzly bear at a local establishment and yelled "onward to victory"... didn't go over as planned
Jolene decided to reach out to our hearts and share with us High Times magazine's top 25 songs about getting high.  We only played 10 of them, but the point was made.  Here's a link: 
OK bitches.  It's been real, my amigos, but I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, pass it to the left and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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12/04/2012 6:28PM
SHOW # 1618 DECEMBER 4 2012
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